Blizzard will make new players unlock the entire original roster of Overwatch in Overwatch 2

There’ll be new players who will be getting into Overwatch for the first time so as to not overwhelm the newcomers in Overwatch 2, Blizzard made a plan to ease them little by little in the game.

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For players who will be coming in from the original Overwatch, they will have the original roster unlocked but for the new players, they’ll have to unlock the original heroes. Blizzard says that they have to earn their way to unlock the heroes and it will take about a 100 matches to unlock them all.

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Through the Defense Matrix Overwatch 2 update blog, the unlocks, the new player onboarding, and the effort to not overwhelm new players of Overwatch were discussed. Through the First Time User Experience (FTUE), it is a system that Blizzard hopes will help new players get to know the characters of the game without stressing them out.

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Through the FTUE, players will unlock the contents of Overwatch 2 in two phases. The first is the game modes and features. The second phase will be the heroes. Blizzard suggests that it will take about 100 matches to unlock all heroes and content of the game.

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Blizzard added that the FTUE system loses its effect when players are grouped with others who have the roster already unlocked. It means that new players can play whoever character they want when teamed up with a friend who has the roster unlocked. The competitive mode of the game also has different exceptions for the FTUE system as players need to complete various challenges and milestones first to access it.

Overwatch 2 was launched on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch yesterday, October 4th, marking the start of the game’s season 1.