Blockchain-based King of Fighters Arena new mobile and PC game recently announced and unveiled by Netmarble

The game now just has a teaser webpage in English, but additional information about it was unveiled at TGS, and the title seems strangely similar to the mobile game The King of Fighters Allstar. This is due to the fact that KOF Arena is really a blockchain game developed by Netmarble Neo, a division of Netmarble, with tokenomics and integration of MarbleX, Netmarble's own cryptocurrency.


This year, KOF Arena is expected to be launched between October and December. Try King of Fighters Allstar instead if you have a cryptocurrency allergy.

KOF Arena is being created as a play-to-earn game, according to the head of Netmarble Japan's game design department. Beyond that, though, it seeks to fulfill a "dream battle" for KOF fans by fusing real-time action warfare with figures from more than 30 years of the franchise's history. In order to maintain the game's balance, the game offers an upgrading system that will keep all characters adequately balanced from one another.

You may move using a twin-stick control system and perform attacks, dodges, and special techniques by just touching the buttons on the screen. The game is being designed for smartphones, so you won't need any command inputs to play it. If it seems eerily familiar, it's because KOF Allstar plays precisely like that, down to the way the game screen appears.


The game is a three-on-three fighting game that you play as one character at a time. It has several interesting additions, such 6v6 play where each player controls a certain character in between rounds.

The game is constructed using the tokenomics system and includes unique cryptographic and gaming mechanisms.

A "controller" is available for purchase in KOF Arena. When you use a controller to play and succeed, you may gain mastery points to level up your characters as well as battle money, which can be exchanged for tokens. Without a controller, you can still get mastery points for improvements but cannot earn tokens. In essence, the P2E element of the game needs you to invest some money before you can begin to make money.


Fight money will be converted into Tokens, which you can then use to swap for MBX once you have completed playing the game's gameplay portion and have returned to the cryptocurrency portion of the game.

The game also offers a new option to make money, but you can also acquire fighter cards, which can be used to generate money by collecting and selling them with other players.

If you buy a fighter card for a certain character, you'll receive a payout at the conclusion of the season equal to a fraction of the fight money won by players who also used that character. You will receive a higher portion of the payment the more of that fighter card you own.


Pre-registration for KOF Arena is scheduled to start on September 28 and the game is scheduled to launch between October and December. The game also intends to organize an e-sports competition.

Since this is being created by Netmarble NEO and doesn't feature the majority of the main players from Allstar, I wouldn't worry too much if you're scared that KOF Allstar will be disregarded or shut down as a result of Arena.