Bloodshed in zombie games and movies TV 

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Apr 10, 2019
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One of the things I love when playing zombie games and watching zombie movies/series is gore/bloodshed.

I personally don’t like blood. But for some reason, I LOVE it in zombie movies and games. When I watch something explode, let it be it’s head or any body parts, I feel this strange satisfaction lingering from within me. I just finished watching Kingdom on Netflix and each time the crown prince shoots an arrow and he pierced the zombies head, I cheer with him. Why? Because it’s awesome! The same feeling dwells inside me whenever I play UNLIMITED in Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital. Popping heads left and right heals my soul.

It’s a strange feeling that bubbles up in every fan’s chest because zombies are annoying, and they just swarm you, and they deserve it. You might even compare it too distressing. There was a study that talked about how games don’t make people aggressive and violent; sometimes, it even helps the gamer to release some pent up anger from a stressful days.

Same goes for gore!