Blue Archive Event Story Update "the Clumsy Sister and the Magician of the Old Library" Now Available

The latest story event update for popular mobile RPG Blue Archive, "The Clumsy Sister and the Magician of the Old Library" takes players on an adventure with new students Hinata and Ui in hopes of restoring the damaged holy scripture discovered in the Trinity ruins. Publisher Nexon is also introducing a new crafting system "Material Fusion" and is giving players who log in before Tuesday, Oct. 11 free materials needed to craft new special items.


The two students joining the Blue Archive world each come with their own unique abilities. Ui is an explosive-type striker student affiliated with the library committee. She uses her EX skill to decrease the skill cost of one ally (excluding herself) and increases their attack for a certain time. Hinata of the Sisterhood is a mystic-type striker student and uses an EX skill that deals damage proportional to her attack to enemies in five circular ranges.

The "Material Fusion" system allows players to craft up to three items at once by selecting the recipe. The log-in freebies for players to start crafting include three superior fusion keystones and six advanced fusion keystones.

In celebration of the event story, Nexon is gifting a "10-Recruitment Ticket" to all players who log in before Tuesday, Oct. 11.

Details regarding Blue Archive's new event update can be viewed in the official community forum and social media pages.

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