Blue Lock: World Champion - Beginner Tips and Reroll Guide

The mobile simulation game Blue Lock Project: World Champion is based on Muneyuki Kaneshiro's soccer manga. It also includes the anime cast's original Japanese voiceovers, laying the atmosphere for introducing its players to the show's worldview. You will train each athlete one-on-one to improve their speed, stamina, technique, and other crucial numbers needed to win matches as the newest assistant in the Blue Lock program. Rudel's debut app in the mobile play store aims to replicate the cherished comic story for fans and newcomers alike, along with fluent Live 2D animations!


Blue Lock Project: World Champion Rerolling Guide​

Blue Lock Project: World Champion does not require rerolling, however it is strongly advised if you wish to advance or if your favorite athlete's rating is rising. Check out the following instructions below for the most effective way to reroll your selected characters!
  1. Open Blue Lock Project: World Champion and play the cutscenes.
  2. Watch the soccer match and tap through the textboxes that show up.
  3. Enter your name and preferred pronoun, either Boku (boy) or Watashi (girl).
  4. Continue the game’s cutscenes and soccer match until you reach the Home Screen. You can skip the soccer match once the option is available.
  5. Pick up your rewards from the Present Box on the Home Screen.
  6. Redeem your 3-Star Athlete and two 11x rolls from the Ticket Banner on the Gacha page.
  7. Redeem your free 11x roll, and two free 1x rolls from the different banners, and spend your Blue Gems on any banner of your choice.
  8. You can go back to the Title Screen by pressing "タイトルヘ" if you're not happy with the outcomes of your rolls.
  9. Go back to the Title Screen and select Account Deletion via "アカウント削除" by selecting Menu in the upper right. Verify that you really do want to erase your account data.
  10. Once you accept the terms and services, the game will restart at the Title Screen but open a new window. To bypass the tutorial and get to the home screen, tap the left button.
  11. If necessary, repeat steps 5 through 10 to get the athletes you want!


Blue Lock Project: World Champion Beginner Tips​

This beginner's guide is intended to help new players who have never played simulation games before and doesn't assume any prior familiarity with the series. Nevertheless, the following tips and advice can assist you in getting started.

Tip #1 - Highest rarity card doesn't mean it's the best​

At first look, leveling your athletes could appear little or even negligible, especially if they don't have many levels already. However, if you develop your athlete to a sufficient level, you'll be able to finish the Blue Lock Project's training program with ease and receive strong soccer players!


Contrary to most gacha games, Blue Lock Project strongly encourages the duplication of certain athletes because it improves their level cap. It can be tempting to always use a 3-Star Athlete without any restriction breaks, but a 1 or 2-Star character that you have repeatedly acquired might be a better option. Don't feel limited because of rarity alone; all athletes have a level cap of 80.

In Blue Lock Project: World Champion, concentrating your resources on a single team will help you advance. This is because an athlete's type doesn't necessarily effect how likely it is for your team to win a soccer match. It's also advised to train any new soccer players you might have won from the gacha with a small yet potent team of athletes!


Tip #2 - Be efficient with your training sessions​

The player in Blue Lock Project is given a set amount of turns to raise the athlete's stats during a Training Session. It's critical to monitor an athlete's status, which can fall into one of the following five categories: EXTREME, Best, Good, Not Bad, and Awful. An athlete's condition begins out at its "Best," but as you work with him on various talents, it gradually deteriorates.

The average effectiveness of each practice session will increase with a higher condition. Conversely, having a condition of "Not Bad" and "Awful" will lead to subpar stat growth. Give your athlete a rest when his condition drops to "Good" in order to increase the likelihood that you'll be able to practice the athlete's talents efficiently and reach the "EXTREME" state.


The "EXTREME" condition is a fantastic chance to drastically boost your athlete's numbers, with multipliers that might reach 500%! This has a drawback in that if the condition clears up, your athlete will return to the "Good" condition, which prevents you from taking a break.

Tip #3 - Prioritize special practice cards and cards with many athletes​

In Blue Lock Project, choosing which stats to train involves some strategic considerations because you could end up with a lot of stat points in a single turn or even a brand-new skill! Don't pass up the chance to use golden Practice Cards when you come across them since they offer more stats than regular Practice Cards and give your athlete a skill that will benefit in soccer games.


Every time you choose a practice card, you're rewarded to a lecture that can boost your athlete's numbers or teach them a new talent. You should still accept Practice Cards with two or more support members unless they enhance a very low stat or Golden Practice Cards are available because these Cards have a higher possibility of offering bonuses even if the Card doesn't necessary focus on a stat you want.


Depending on who is on the Support Team, specific Golden Practice Cards may appear; these cards are denoted by the phrase "Special Lecture." Pick these cards when you see them, as they have a high chance of awarding a new, powerful skill! Furthermore, depending on whatever option you select, your athlete will earn an even bigger boost to his stats if more than one Support Team member appears when choosing this Practice Card!

Tip #4 - Spend your resources farming character pieces in events​

The best course of action is to save your energy-recovering equipment for these kinds of events unless you're willing to pay a lot of money to max out your athletes in Blue Lock Project. Finding more copies of an athlete in the gacha is difficult because you only need one copy of them to use them in gameplay. You'll be compelled to farm the easier matches even if they are less effective because it's doubtful that you would be able to play the more challenging soccer matches as a new player.


A high recommended power level can be intimidating, but if your team has strong skills and a sound plan of attack, you might be able to win as long as you have fairly near to the same amount of power. Don't be scared to take on a challenging task to discover if your existing squad can prevail!

Tip #5 - Pick the right strategy for your team​

No matter how strong your soccer team may be, a bad Blue Lock Project approach might have fatal results. Therefore, you may help your athletes maximize their potential by taking the time to designate places and a plan that suits them.

An athlete's Shoot Range determines how far he can be in order to make a shot. In other words, if he isn't close enough to the opposing team's goal, he won't be able to try to score. Rensuke Kunigami and other characters with the "Middle" Shoot Range must be positioned as a forward or a midfielder before they can try a shot. Try not to assign every player on your team to a forward or midfielder position; after all, a strong defense can assist win games.


The match strategy, which will be one of three options available to you, is another crucial part of your team's game plan:
  • When you can, play aggressively and try to score goals.
  • Play the ball around the goal of the opposition and try to score.
  • To transfer the ball to the opposition's goal and attempt to score, pass it between the team members.


Your team members will profit more from some schemes than others. As an example, Chigiri Hyoma's excellent Speed and Technique characteristics make him well-suited for dribbling the ball toward the goal, although other characters like Rensuke Kunigami may not do as well under the same strategy. There isn't just one plan that works for all teams, so try different ones to discover which one your athletes respond to the best.

The casual experience offered by Blue Lock Project: World Champion serves as a good introduction to the series. The fans may simply enjoy what it has to offer without worrying about committing to the game long-term because to its basic gameplay and lack of technical requirements. Even if the game's material is now quite minimal, this mobile game is a fantastic way for players who are interested in Blue Lock to discover why this sports manga is so adored by its followers!