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    BlueStacks Android App Player, BlueStacks App Player is an Android Emulator available for both Windows and Mac. Here's how you can use BlueStacks to run your favorite Android Apps on PC.

    Pre checks and Installation

    Before you proceed with the BlueStacks installation process, there are a few things to verify in order to make sure you are ready to run BlueStacks. BlueStacks has the following common requirements.
    • NET Framework 3.5 or above.
    • A suitable graphics card with updated drivers.
    • Minimum 2 GB of RAM.
    Make sure your PC fulfils all the above requirements.
    Once you are ready to install BlueStacks on your computer, download the setup file and run the installer. You will need an active Internet connection as BlueStacks will download additional files during the installation process. There is also an offline installer if you want to install BlueStacks in offline mode.

    Download & Install BlueStacks

    Running Android Apps using BlueStacks

    You can install apps in BlueStacks either by searching for them in BlueStacks or directly from an APK file. BlueStacks can install apps directly from Google Play, GetJar or the Amazon App Store. Just search and install apps from within BlueStacks; or if you already have the APK file, you can just double click on it to install the app inside BlueStacks.

    BlueStacks can run most of your favorite Android Apps, but the App Player is based upon Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) ROM. The problem is some apps on Google Play run only on upgraded Android versions (ICS or JellyBean). If you want to run those apps on your PC, BlueStacks isn't the right emulator for you. [HR][/HR] Genymotion Android emulator

    AndroVM has now evolved into GenyMotion. If you have a good Graphics Card with OpenGL support, you may want to use it instead of GenyMotion. GenyMotion also includes common device hard keys as a part of the interface and has a standalone launcher. You need to sign up for a GenyMotion account in order to download the emulator. GenyMotion also includes separate Android 4.2 builds for different virtual devices.
    How to install GenyMotion on your PC
    • button.On the download page, select the suitable GenyMotion setup for your computer.- If you are on Windows PC and do not have VirtualBox installed, download the combined GenyMotion + VirtualBox installer.
      • If you are on Windows PC with VirtualBox already installed, just download the standalone GenyMotion installer.
      • If you are on any other OS, download the respective version of VirtualBox
    • for your system separately (from Oracle's website) and then download the respective version of the GenyMotion installer.
    • Install GenyMotion with VirtualBox, if it isn't already installed.Launch GenyMotion from the desktop shortcut just created (not GenyMotion Shell).Login to your Genymotion account and access the list of available Android images. Select a suitable image and click OK.
    The selected image will be downloaded. After the download is complete, the specific image file will be shown inside GenyMotion Panel. Click on Play to start the virtual Android environment.

    GenyMotion requires a very powerful CPU and eats up a lot of resources. Running Android inside GenyMotion might affect your system's performance and speed.
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    thanks! super helpful using gennymotion kahit sa office
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    lakas sa memory,..
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