BnS English Download and Install Guide


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May 11, 2015
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Sa mga gusto mag laro ng Blade and Soul na english eto guide pano

Basic Requirement
1. Create account sa NCSOFT
2. Download the game

Installation Instructions

To Install Blade and Soul, please follow the instructions below:
Note: If you’ve played in the Closed Beta, it will be necessary to uninstall your client and download the new version.

  1. Download Blade and Soul in the link provided below:
  2. Locate the BnS_Lite_Installer.exe that you have saved. Right click on the file and select run as administrator.
  3. You will then be prompted to select a language. Click the dropdown box to select from English, German or French then click ‘Ok’.

Click ‘Next’ to continue the installation process.

Read and Accept the user agreement then click ‘Next’ to continue.

Select the folder where you want Blade and Soul to be installed.

Create a Desktop Shortcut (Recommended) then click ‘Next’.

Click on ‘Install’ to start the process.

Click on Finish to move on to the next step. (ticking the box is optional)

Locate the downloaded Blade and Soul file. Right click the file and select run as administrator for the launcher to start updating.

You will then be taken to the login screen. Input your login credentials and click ‘LOG IN’ to proceed or if you do not have an account, please create a new NC account. For a guide on how to create a new NC account please follow the link:

Once you have logged in, you will be prompted by the License Agreement. Once you have finished reading, tick the “I have read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy” and click ‘I Agree’ to continue.

A window will prompt you to update the game. Click ‘Update’ to proceed.

A file check would appear. Click ‘Confirm’ for the game to start updating.

Wait for the patch to finish downloading.

Once the download is completed, click ‘Install Game’ to proceed.

Wait for the client to install the game.

Click ‘Play now’ and Enjoy BnS!

PS: Players from the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan will not be able to access the game due to regional restrictions.