Bored of PUBG or Fortnite? Try These Battle Royale Games!

What's Your Favourite Battle Royale Game? (Other than PUBG or Fortnite)

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Aug 14, 2018
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The battle royale genre has been gaining a massive following as it garnered a steady increase of player base over a couple of years and has erupted recently into a global phenomenon. Games like PUBG and Fortnite are the talk of the town today and the player base continues to increase daily.

So here is a list of battle royale games that is available other than the two popular titles (PUBG, Fortnite) out there that has a sturdy player base as well as a great gameplay mechanics. These games are great to play if you're looking to break out from popular titles.

The Culling

Now how would one describe The Culling? Cut every action scene from Hunger Games battle dome scene into one non-stop explosive and brutal fight for survival. The premise of this game is basically similar to the big titles out there. Unlike PUBG or Fortnite, The Culling focuses more on melee based gameplay, with limited high powered weapons such as guns and rifles, that comes with limited ammo in the first place.

Similarly, there are random airdrops and shrinking playing zones to get players to face off with other players. The Culling also features crafting mechanics where players craft various basic weapons, bandages, and traps to get the edge over other players. No more guns a blazing strategy. More of trapping your opponent and punching them into oblivion!

Realm Royale

So let's be honest here. You either enjoy Fortnite or you don't. And the main reason why people don't enjoy Fortnite? The building element in the game. So if you're looking for a classic battle royale style with no frills, this is one alternative you could consider.

Brought to you by Hi-Rez Studios, Realm Royale shares many similarities in terms of the game art and tone which could be found in Paladins. The game brings out a very interesting atmosphere that looks like something out of a World of Warcraft map. Middle age settings, guns (?), swords, forges and so on.

Realm Royale features a couple of entertaining game mechanics which keeps the game interesting. There's a class system which allows you to choose a class, and depending on what class you've chosen, you'll be experiencing a different gameplay completely. You can also summon mounts to close distance quickly, and there's a forge system where players are able to upgrade their weapons and armors to push forward through mid-game, which is a real problem for most battle royale games.

Realm Royale brings a lot to the table and is one of the interesting game out there in the battle royale genre. And the biggest plus side? This game is available for free, so why not check it out!

H1Z1: Battle Royale

H1Z1 is a game that has evolved a couple of times that left everyone confused with their lore. However, all you need to know is that H1ZI has a battle royale standalone game. It was developed by Brendan Greene, the guy who came out with PUBG, so you bet the game is pretty solid. PUBG was developed in the same line of military simulation. H1Z1, on the other hand, was developed to be an action arcade shooter. Compared to PUBG, H1ZI Battle Royale matches are chaotic. 200 players parachute down to a mad scramble to get weapons and armor and getting the drop on other players. H1Z1 also boasts a much smoother graphics compared to PUBG.

otally Accurate Battlegrounds

Now we've reached the crazy portion of the article. If you're confused, let me help you out. Watch this, and come back to this article. Go on, I'll wait.

See what I mean? Totally Accurate Battlegrounds originally meant to be a parody of the battle royale genre. But like all the games that meant to be parodies or jokes, this game also finally became a totally standalone legit game with a great player base. Now if you're looking for a game with realism in terms of graphics, skip this game and look for something else. While the game aesthetics don't have much to offer, the exaggerated movement physics brings out a whole different fun that only to be had in this game. Fly backward as you feel the recoil of your sniper rifle. Shoot at your enemy's limping and shuffling body as they try to get an aim on you. And let's not forget the effort it takes to get a clean shot with guns in this game. Melee battle is recommended. Frying pan brings quicker result (death).

The general vibe of the game's graphics gives out an afterlife glow, whereby soft light is present throughout the game. Perhaps this game is about purgatory and this game is about you trying to secure your place in the afterlife with your wrangling physical body which you do not have full control of. Or maybe, it's just a silly game for good old fashion fun.

Cuisine Royale

Another quirky entry In this list which also started as a joke, Cuisine Royale took off almost instantly as one of the top favorites for players who're looking for a different battle royale experience. As the game title suggests, Cuisine Royale heavily involves random kitchenware that'll be used as a poorly assembled body armor. You start off with colorful boxer shorts and nothing on you. Wear a colander on your head or wear a waffle iron as shoulder armor as you take part in the great hunt, of each other. Imagine a mobile kitchen with a gun. That's you.

Pick up items that help with increasing certain perks such as accuracy (glasses) or toughness (cigar). For a game that started off as a goof, the graphics and the details in this game is of high quality. The details of the generated environment seem to be similar to farms on the outskirts of Italy or even the Mediterranean. Feel the gentle sunbeams interacting with the environment. Surprisingly, you could see the details in the reflection of the sunlight from your kitchenware armor. Now that's some superb finishing touches for a game. Pick this game up for endlessly fun time with your friends.

Enjoy a quirky adventure with your friends for free!

Darwin Project

If you like the art style of Fortnite, then Darwin Project is something you could check out. Though the two games belong in the same game genre, Darwin Project brings a totally different experience to players as it is a much fast-paced gameplay and it involves a smaller group of players per game in a smaller map.

One of the interesting game mechanics that you will not find in any other battle royale games is the ability to track your opponents. This will force players to play the game very differently than your typical battle royale game. Set up traps as you see opponents heading towards your direction. Save those bullets for close encounters. Or simply get your melee weapon ready for a K.O hit to the head.

Darwin Project is a fast-paced and exciting game which gives players options to choose different approaches to combat and survival, and you can experience it for free!

Islands Of Nyne: Battle Royale

Islands of Nyne is a fairly new entry of the battle royale genre but quickly built up its own unique gameplay reputation. Another first-person based game, Island of Nyne will quickly overwhelm players who are used with being lucky in other battle royale games as this game will test your skills to the limit.

You start off with getting thrown from the sky into a forcefield dome, and the overall ambiance has a sci-fi feel to it where you come across with different structures from Earth which are spread around the dome. This game focuses more on its gun-play as it requires you to be precise while engaging other players and trying to kill them for the entertainment of the alien overlords who put you there in the first place. With limited inventory space, it forces the player to choose their loadout more carefully instead of hoarding a bunch of junk that usually don't get used anyway. You also have to familiarize with each weapon and how it handles during fights in order to understand what gun works best for what situation.

All in all, Islands of Nyne is a still-evolving game with a lot of room for experimenting. It's a fresh gaming experience and the great graphics and gameplay contribute to that experience.

Dying Light: Bad Blood (This game will be available on Sept 1 for registrants)

This game isn't out yet, but the early access game reviews are pointing towards a positive experience where the game brings in fresh concepts into the sometimes stale battle royale genre. Staying true to its standalone single player game, you can expect that Dying Light: Bad Blood will have the same levels of gore and violence which make it stand out in terms of brutality compared to other battle royale titles out there. Check out the early access gameplay!

Dying Light: Bad Blood stands apart from its competitors as it brings out a fresh and new concept to the genre. There's actually objectives to fulfill in order to win the game. Collect blood samples from a disgusting flesh mound that's scattered around the map. Collect samples from all of the fleshy mounds, and a helicopter will be on its way to rescue. Oh, I forgot to mention that there's a horde of zombies guarding those flesh mounds. Yes, not only you have to defend yourself from other players, you have zombies to deal with. And just because you've completed in collecting all the samples and radioed in for help, doesn't mean you're out of the woods just yet. Other players will be made aware of the chopper's location and will be converging to it in order to stop you from winning the game. So expect a sudden surge of attention on you with everything that moves trying to kill you simultaneously.

This game will be coming to the general public very soon, add it to your wishlist and have a ton of great fun!

Looking To Stand Out From Your Opponents?

The best thing about battle royale games is the things you can do to customize your avatar. You get to have your chicken dinner while eliminating all of your opponents with a corn costume. And let me tell you, nothing beats the feeling of having your customized avatar kicking everyone's butt in the game. Get your credits on standby and watch out for the limited edition skins and loot!