Boring No More: Nether Update in Minecraft coming in June 23 PC 

Minecraft, one of the most phenomenal games ever created. With the ability to create a lot of things there with the limitation which is only your imagination, it is interesting how the game has really went ahead for the players both young and old, we've seen others create intricate sorting and inventory systems and computers inside the game while the others are keeping it simple with their amazing house builds. Whatever is the case, Minecraft will be one of the most remarkable games ever, and it is still updating.

That's right, Mojang keeps updating the game to ensure players that there will be more content in the future. Every MINECON, they announce updates that will surely entice players, from biome changes, new structures and even new enemies. But now they are adding an update to one of the areas that have been ignored since the creation of that biome. The Nether.

The Minecraft version 1.16 will be dubbed as the Nether update as it brings life to the fiery side of the world. New areas such as the Warped Forest, Soulsand Valley and Crimson Forests will definitely have new things to mine and craft. These biomes will have different new blocks, structures and design that you will definitely be interested to take a look upon.

New creatures such as Hoglins, Piglins and Striders have come to interact with you, whether in a friendly or hostile way, it's up to you! Piglins can be bartered with as long as you have gold and Hoglins are good food stocks for the Nether.

Finally, the Nether update brings Netherite, a new ore that can be reforged to create better tools, armor and weapons. Stronger than diamond, making you do things faster and especially much more durable, they can float too if you suddenly die in lava, gone are the days you'll be crying for your tools because you took an untimely dip to the scorching lava.

There are more things to discover in the Nether Update so you better be on the lookout when it is released. The official date of the update will be upon as it will be available in the 23rd of June! Heads up!

You should create another world so you can see the difference but if you are a savvy person in the game, you can also just delete the Nether so it can re-generate. I am hyped for this update though how about you? Tell us in the comments below!