Bounty Hunter Item Build and Gameplay Guide


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Nov 3, 2014
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Bounty Hunter - Advantages, Weaknesses Drafting, Item Build and Gameplay

  1. Has high 1-click (Burst) damage
  2. Has natural and almost permanent invisibility
  3. Has powerfull midgame damaging spell
  4. Has a strong early-mid game slow (from crit+orb of venom)
  5. Can earn quite a bit of extra money in a fight, even if he can't get in melee and deal damage
  6. Can buy several team-usefull items

  1. He is squishy. (R-click kill him in several attacks in midgame. He will always be squishy, except he is ridiculously overfed.)
  2. Low intelligence gain (Not having enough mana is one of his main death causes early game)
  3. Reles very hard on positioning (if you are in a wrong place, you are either dead or your teammates are or you didn't get your team any extra gold or enemy gets away you are useless in bad position)
  4. Is very weak to nukes, passives, esp. early. (Nukes from Lina, Skywraith, Shadow fiend, Luna, pure damage deales, like Bane and many others - make quick work of him. )
  5. Is VERY item dependand. (Hovewer, other part of this - he is somewhat versatile)

Do notPick:
  1. Most enemy heroes will try to get durability (hp\armor) items fast or mostly are strength heroes
  2. They have strong early-midgame and your team is average
  3. They have good anti-invisers and\or heroes who usually build necronomicon ( Zeus, Slardar, Bane, others)
  4. You prefer creep farming

  1. Enemy team has at least 2 squishy heroes, which don't build durability (high hp\high armor) items early game and\or as a default ( Crystal Maiden, Drow Ranger, Omniknight, Ember Spirit, Meepo, Faceless Void, Chen, Shadow Shaman, Skywrath Mage, Lion, Witch Doctor and many many others)
  2. Enemy team has a very weak early-midgame farming hard carry carry ( Phantom Assassin, Medusa, Spectre and this type)
  3. Enemy team doesn't have 3+ strong early-midgame heroes
  4. (Because such picks mean hard early-midgame push and you won't be able to do much solo, consider repick)
  5. Your team scales well into lategame
  6. (If you have a team of vengefull spirit, Broodmother, Chen and somebody else - your team does NOT scale very well into lategame, so consider taking other heroes with stronger early-midgame, so the game won't go for too long)
  7. Your team needs to end game fast
Role: Carry - Escape - Nuker

Skill Build
  • Level 1: Shadow Walk
  • Level 2: Jinada
  • Level 3: Jinada
  • Level 4: Shuriken Toss
  • Level 5: Jinada
  • Level 6: Track
  • Level 7: Jinada
  • Level 8: Shuriken Toss
  • Level 9 : Shuriken Toss
  • Level 10: Shuriken Toss
  • Level 11: Track
  • Level 12: Shadow Walk
  • Level 13: Shadow Walk
  • Level 14: Shadow Walk
  • Level 15: Stats
  • Level 16: Track
  • Level 17-25: Stats

Take 1 level on Shadow Walk to anticipate a fristblood attempt from opponents.

Why maxed Jinada first? This will really helps you in last hits and harassing on early game

Why maxed Shuriken Toss before the Shadow Walk? Magical damage is most effective on early- mid game, so don't too late to max it.

Item Build and Gameplay

Early Game Items:
  • CircletIron Branch
  • Tango
  • Sentry Ward
Core Items:
  • Orb of Venom
  • Boots of Speed

Sometimes, people seriously misunderstand, what bounty Hunter does.

HE IS BEST at fast killing squishy heroes. The whole guide is based on that concept of ganking heroes. If you don't agree with this statement you may have hard time reading this. You've been warned.

His job is stealthy come-out-of-nothing-1-shot-ko-and-gtfo.
BH most of the time is a mid game hero which scales just ok into late game and sucks ridiculously

Mid Game Items:
  • Phase Boots
  • Battle Fury
Okay, you have boots and Perseverance and maybe something else, preferably Orb of Venom. First thing to do - check mid. If enemy pushes too fast and is solo - go for a gank with your mid. Midders usually have strong stun, slow or burst damage. If your midder(s) are pushing on mid, then skip

Check your other line. Same thing. If they push - approach. YOu will have to run there, because if enemy hears your tp, then you already have failed most of the time.

  1. You approach in invis.
  2. Autoattack with critical
  3. Give track.
Else - situational. Everybody will have speed aura bonus from track and your target will very, very slow. Either give kill to a teammate or finish things with Shuriken Toss.

Then repeat, checking again with mid and other lines.

IF a teamfight will probably occur - get BEHIND enemy lines. If there is a tower behind - stay somewhere else, in 2 seconds moverange to any target. Dont forget to check your invis cooldown and left time!

Your main job in mid game teamfights - give as much Track as possible, hide somewhere, go invis (try to fool enemies as much as possible, eg. start getting away like you are running from the fight, go invis and turn 180 back into the fight, so they won't be expecting you) and flashy comeback with with ~300*5 magical damage or with 1 shot kill and 300*4 damage with Shuriken Toss.

Don't forget (!) - Shuriken Toss bounces off tracked enemies. This is an effective Mekansm-counter, as meka heals 250 to everybody, then Shuriken Toss deals ~280-300 damage

Late Game Items:
  • Desolator
  • Dagon
  • Orchid Malevolence
What do do in lategame?

Once enemy starts getting Heart of Tarrasque, you start getting big problems. You role swithces from hero-killing to somewhat supporting and Track giving. If you are sure that your carry needs some more farm, you may assist your carry by staying close to him to providing some escape against smaller ganking groups and\or counterganking.

You might as well go pushing. If your carry is doing well, ask him please to win the game. If he isn't doing so well..well..just stay close to him. Bounty Hunter with Divine Rapier (and without too) is great counter-gank and a measure for your carry safe-living.

The main problem - even if he has all the items, he starts getting sad in later-game . His 225% crits damage + Divine Rapier + Shuriken Toss won't be able to kill most heroes, as even supports will have 1500+ hp with small exception and enemy carries will have either Satanic or Heart of Tarrasque or decent damage blocking\absorbing capabilities.