BOW.L Call of Duty: Warzone Community Tournament Philippines

⁣⁣The first-ever BoW.L or Battle of Warriors.League event in the Philippines is finally here! BoW.L presents the Call of Duty: Warzone Community Tournament exclusively for the Philippines with a prizepool of Php11,000.00. Registration has already started and will end on June 27th, Saturday at midnight.

Free Registration, E-Certificate and there's 150 Player Slots Available.⁣
Register now at⁣

Tournament Information:
Online Match: 28 June 2020⁣
COMPETITION RULESET - Philippines Region

Rules and Regulations
Rules for Registration and Determination of Participating Players
  • Fee registration is free.
    Registration is only done 1 time.
  • Participants must use their real names as they appear on their identification cards.
  • Registered nicknames must not be changed until the tournament ends.
  • Nicknames cannot contain Bad Word.
  • Total Participants are 150 people.
  • Registration opens on 21 June - 25 June 2020.
  • Make sure the email and telephone number Active, Captain can be contacted by the admin to get information about the current tournament.
  • Player must enter Discord:
  • First Come First Serve and Fast First Serve Response applies to registrants.
  • Announcement of registered participants will be made from 21 - 25 June 2020 here:
  • The match schedule will be released on: June 25, 2020.
  • If the slot is full before the closing date, registration will be closed faster.
  • The decision to select 150 participants is the full/absolute authority of the admin and cannot be contested.
  • Tolerance of time is 10 minutes from the specified schedule.
General Rules
  • Online Tournament.
  • Tournament Mode: Solo.
  • Tournament format: Battle Royale.
  • Only registered Players can enter the match.
  • All participants must join the discord tournament channel in
  • Tournaments are intended for PC platform users, Console is not allowed.
  • All players must uphold Sportsmanship and Fair play.
  • If the team does not uphold Sportsmanship and Fair play will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • WO/Disqualified teams will be banned for participation in the next tournament.
  • All team members must read and be prepared to follow the tournament rules and regulations.
  • The use of illegal programs in any form will be subject to a permanent ban on the ID, Device and Participation Rights of the BoWLeague tournament (Blacklist).
  • Discord Official COD Warzone BoWLeague became the main media for communication about the tournament.
  • Facebook Fan Page, Youtube, Instagram of BoWLeague and Discord will be the media for updates about tournament results.
  • This tournament is only for Philippines citizens.
Competition Rules

Before the match
  • Participants must standby at discord 30 minutes before the game starts.
  • Must use a Custom Tag that will be determined by the admin to verify screenshots.
  • Participants must communicate via the Official COD Warzone BoWLeague discord.
  • Participants that are not present at the time of the match, are given a tolerance of 10 minutes from the match schedule that has been set. If it exceeds the allotted time, the participants is considered WO.
  • Players with registered in-game nicknames that are allowed to play in the Let's BoWL Call of Duty: Warzone Community Tournament (PH).
  • It is forbidden to use VPN so that nothing unexpected happens.
  • Check the condition of your internet network before competing to avoid unwanted things.
During the match
  • Playing time starts at 04.00 PM and finishes at 09.00 PM (Philippines time) and then provides screenshots of the 5 best games.
  • It is prohibited to use illegal programs in any form.
  • Flaming/cheating/toxic warnings will be delivered by the admin. If this is repeated, the admin is allowed to decide whether or not the player is disqualified.
  • If a player disconnects, errors, etc., then the match will continue.
  • If a participant is found who does not match the IGN with the data registered, the admin has the right to Kick the participant from the lobby.
After the match
  • Playing time starts at 16.00 and finishes at 21.00 [GMT +8, Philippines time] then give screenshots of 5 best games.
  • The last Screenshot delivery deadline at 09.15 PM [GMT +8, Philippines time] via Google Form:
  • Participants that are late/not present at the specified time of the match, are considered void/WO.
  • Participants that violate the stipulated conditions will be deemed void/WO.
  • Participants that are found to be cheating in any form will be considered void/WO.
  • Participants who did not upload screenshots exceeded the time period will be considered void/WO.
Classification Points Calculation

The tournaments use an “eliminations race” format – all teams compete in public lobbies over a period of time [04.00 PM - 21.00 PM], and the team who collected the highest point in that time period (Five games during that time period) is declared the winner.
  • Tournaments using the Battle Royale system are run in 5 rounds
  • If there are the same points, If the total points are the same then we look from the kill points.
  • If the total points and kill points still the same, then follow this condition :
  • Judging from the kill points
  • If the total points and kill points are the same, then we look from the Most Kills of 1 game.
Each winner inside will get the following points:
  • Point Kill 1
  • Placing Points 1st 1 25
Tournament Prize
  • Prize pool: 11,000 Philippine peso
  • 1st - 3,500 Philippine peso
  • 2nd - 2,500 Philippine peso
  • 3rd - 2,000 Philippine peso
  • 4th - 1,000 Philippine peso
  • 5th - 500 Philippine peso
  • 6th - 500 Philippine peso
  • 7th - 500 Philippine peso
  • 8th - 500 Philippine peso
Match Schedule
  • Match Date: June 28, 2020.
  • Online Tournament
  • Participant limit is 150 people, the game only counts for 5 rounds.
Playing time starts at 04.00 PM and finishes at 09.00 PM [GMT +8, Philippines time] then give screenshots of 5 best games.
  • Round 1: Accumulative point acquisition system
  • Round 2: Accumulative point acquisition system
  • Round 3: Accumulative point acquisition system
  • Round 4: Accumulative point acquisition system
  • Round 5: Accumulative point acquisition system
The player that finishes all 5 rounds of Battle Royale with the highest points will win the tournament.
* Admin has the right to change the rules and regulations if needed

Publishers or Game Developers can send their press release on our site, simply follow the guide here:
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