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Apr 10, 2019
Manila, Philippines
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Have you been watching the World Cyber Games 2019 and just thinking what will happen? because I'm like that :p Do you have your predictions of who will be the semi-finalists until to Grand Finals? is it Cignal Ultra or Thunder Predator..?
Don’t worry, WCG is interested to know our thoughts! Lol

Now, we can present it to them with this new mini-game event called the “Bracket Challenge” where we have to predict the rankings of the players that will make it to the semi-finals and also predict who will become the champion. I’m not a good guesser but I’ll give it a try. The prizes were totally dope, just think about it! You point and click then you or me might have the chance to win a brand new phone? Oh yeah, count me in!

According to the website “Event winners will be announced on the WCG website at 5 p.m. (CST, GMT+8) on Tuesday, July 23, 2019. (P.S. You can only play once)”

I’ll strategize mine and hopefully that I’ll win! How about you guys?

Here’s the game
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Apr 10, 2019
taguig city
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Na try ko ng sumali sa mini-game na ito. ang hirap hulaan kung sino ang pwedeng mag champion. lahat kase sila ay magagaling. Sana manalo ako ng samsung galaxy S10+. :D