Brave Blades 3D Action MMORPG


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Jul 7, 2019
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Brave Blades Android Version is Approaching! Join in a thrilling adventure and fight for the epic treasure! Unleashed Souls Bleach the Darkness, Legend Rises in Ragnarok with Raid of Light

Choose Your Career
Before starting this epic fight, which type of warrior do you want to be?
  • Barbarian: Posseses extraordinary strength and fighting abilities, they tend to smash enemies into pieces with whirlwind
  • Hunter: Known for their flexible moves and deadly dual hand-bow strikes, enemies will die before getting into melee combat
  • Mage: Master of magic and mystery, they can blind the darkness with light
  • Paladin: Defenders of the world, who possess the hearts of warriors and wings of angels. They protect love with a firm faith and an unbreakable shield.

Start Your Adventure
To enjoy the best experience, please remember to switch to high quality mode and download any extra packages when playing. The beautiful, vivid world is right in front of you!
  • Unique play-and-download technique saves you time
  • Realistic 3D visual world brings enables you to experience a thrilling fantasy
  • 11 mainland areas and 4 mysterious arcane islands conceal treasures amongst danger
50+ Google Play Achievements to unlock

Summon Your Companion
Wait, hero! You can't start the battle alone, you need companions!
  • Recruit 20+ Pets and 7 different Mercenaries to support you in battle
  • Feed and raise 50+ Mounts to transport you around the world

Grind Your Power
Survival is tough and you need to train to become stronger for warfare!
  • Over 50 tiers of ascension to increase your power and glory
  • 30+ features to pave a way from amateur to hero
  • 20+ challenges to generate resources to upgrade your gear
  • Dungeons of various levels and tiers to provide you with plenty of options in becoming stronger
  • Customization of outfits to change your look, as well as raise up your power

Competitive Raid
Remember, there is no permanent enemy. Keep your eyes sharp to see who is your real friend. Join your legion and get ready for battle!
  • Unique three-nation system to bring you free-style battles both domestic and abroad
  • Earn contributions to nations and exchange for high-quality gear with your efforts
  • Engaging cross-nation brawl to unleash your power and wits

Free Your Hands

Tired of repeating operations? Look no further!
  • Auto-path-finding and auto-mission-clearing to save your hands from more complicated moves
  • Artificial Intelligence setting to enable an evolved fight with fewer worries
  • AFK Field to gain Exp and items while you're busy or offline

All we have is fairness and all you need is luck!
  • All random gear drop, gear stats and gear quality
  • Free access to all items dropped, closer and faster hands to obtain them first
  • Abundant activities for you to turn your luck into a fortune
Good Luck, Hero!
And don't forget to leave your name here! Someday it will be the first word used to depict a legend!
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