Bren Esports Announces their first agent for their new Valorant roster, Xavi8k

Bren Esports has recruited collegiate Valorant superstar Xavier “Xavi8k” Juan from DLSU’s Viridus Arcus Esports for their new Valorant roster.


As what was posted on Bren Esports official social media sites, Xavi8k is their first agent introduced for their new Valorant roster after bidding their goodbyes to their former players who now represent Team Secret.

Aside from being a Sunsparks former player, Xavi8k is also a two-time collegiate champion playing for De La Salle University’s Viridus Arcus Esports. Currently, he’s aiming to be a holder of three-peat as he is present again in the grand finals of AcadArena’s University Alliance Cup Valorant.

As of now, Xavi8k is only the announced member of the Valorant roster of Bren. However, it seems that Bren is now looking for a sentinel main if we will read their last Valorant recruitment-related post in Twitter.