Bren Esports makes a comeback in Wild Rift Esports Scene with New Roster from Sunsparks and Liyab Esports

Bren Esports has announced their return to the competitive scene of League of Legends: Wild Rift. Through their official social media pages, Bren Esports has revealed their new Wild Rift roster consisting of former Liyab Esports and Sunsparks pro players.

bren esport wild rift roster.jpg

Previously, Bren Esports disbanded their Wild Rift team and was eventually acquired by Sunsparks. But now, the organization will be making their comeback in the Wild Rift esports scene and is ready to make history.

Bren Esports Wild Rift Roster is made up of the following players:
  • Miguel "Miggie" Banaag - Support
  • Edrian "DoeDoii" Brancia - Jungle
  • Nasjo - Baron Lane
  • Haze - Mid Lane
  • Konsi - Dragon Lane
Haze and Konsi are both former members from Sunsparks. Nasjo is also a former member of Sunsparks but he has played for various teams such as VVV Esports and UCFC Esports. Both DoeDoii and Miggie are former LoL PC pro players from Liyab Esports but they have recently shifted to Wild Rift.

bren esports esl snapdragon.jpg

After Bren Esports’ Wild Rift squad disbandment back in October 2021, the current team was seen participating in the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series Wild Rift Season 1 Open Cup 2 MSP. This is the first time the team was spotted in a tournament of Wild Rift.