Bren Esports Was The Grand Champion Of FSL Dota 2 Open 2021 With A Score Of 2-1 Against Foxy Gaming

At the 2021 FSL Dota 2 Open, the Filipino organization Bren Esports all-female Dota 2 team became the champions as they reverse sweep Foxy Gaming with a score of 2-1 in the grand finals held last Sunday, May 9.


Bren Esports and Foxy Gaming beat all the other 11 all-female teams to fight against each other in the best-of-three grand finals, with Foxy Gaming even beating the three-time FSL Dota 2 champions Pacific Pink in the lower bracket finals. Bren Esports started the final with a four-protect-one strategy headlined by Gill’s Terrorblade. Foxy Gaming chose for a team fight heavy tri-core of Faceless Void for NanA, a mid Sand King for Ningendd, and Centaur Warrunner for CatChaser.

The first game was won by Foxy Gaming, with them shutting down the rest of Bren Esports’ line-up and dominating the midgame clashes even with Gill’s Terrorblade topping the net worth charts. Ningendd on her mid Sand King led a 39-18 kills for Foxy Gaming ending the first round with a 15 kills to 1 death and CatChaser adding a 10 kills with 2 deaths.

With the game two, Bren Esports has a stable lineup with Gill on Juggernaut, Meeri on a mid Tiny, and Hezelya on an offlane Dragon Knight, they took control of the game two as they were up with 8,000 gold and kills of 14-4 by the 15-minute mark in the game. As Foxy Gaming didn’t put up much of a fight, Bren Esports forced the series with a game three after 34 minutes of the second game. Bren Esports concluded the game two with a 35-13 kill lead.

As the game three is the deciding factor for the championship, Bren Esports went with Gill on Lifestealer, Meeri on Void Spirit, and Hezelya on Sand King, while Foxy Gaming went with NanA on Morphling, Ningendd on Dragon Knight, and CatChaser on Slardar. Bren Esports were in control again after the laning phase with a 4.000 gold lead and 11-5 kill lead by the 14-minute mark in the game. By the 25-minute mark, Bren Esports grew their gold lead by 15,000 and were already knocking Foxy Gaming’s base. Even with Foxy Gaming’s great efforts, Bren Esports defeated them by the 30-minute mark in the game.

Bren Esports concluded the game three with a 34-9 kill lead and was reigned as the champions of FSL Dota 2 Open Championship after missing multiple times in the past. With their victory, Bren Esports got the grand prize amounting to SG$350. Foxy Gaming also took home a consolation prize of SG$150 after taking second place. Pacific Pink and Run It Down both took home SG$50 as part of the Top 4.