Broken IPF Fix

Discussion in 'Tree of Savior' started by taka, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. taka

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    Team: Vatos Locos

    Hi guys i just want to share all the methods to fix the tree of savior broken IPF error


    FIX 1: Steam Integrity Check
    1. Right click the game on steam
    2. Click properties
    3. Select local files
    4. Verify Integrity of game cache
    FIX 2: Window Mode
    1. Open user.xml in Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\release
    2. Edit mode in to 2 with any width and height (img)
    3. Open the game
    4. Press enter in server list menu
    5. After that, immediately press close at the top right and leave the confirmation dialogue open
    6. Wait for 5-10 seconds and then press "cancel" in the dialogue
    7. Wait for the character selection menu
    FIX 3: Spam Click
    1. Open the game
    2. Select the server
    3. Spam click enter until it connects to the server
    FIX 4: Wait for IMC

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  2. Guardian Tales
  3. admin

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    Seems Legit
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  4. xero

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    Team: OVD

    haha eto 100% working!
  5. LockDown


    FIX 2 works for me :D
  6. xero

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    Team: OVD

    follow up from IMCGAMES

    Hello. We are IMCGAMES TOS Team.
    During our Regular Maintenance today, we've implemented a feature to block against Speed Hacks, Bots and any other cheating activities. As a result, if you had modified any files in the client, even if you were not meant to engage in any cheating activities, your client may not work properly.

    If any of you had modified any files in the client and your client is not working properly, please repeat the steps below.
    Right click on Tree of Savior (English Ver.)

    Click on Properties
    Click Local Files tab
    Click Verify Integrity of Game Cache


    The next way is to compare whole IPF and Patch Files in your PC. All files must be set up like below.
    1. SteamLibrary -> steamapps -> common -> TreeOfSavior -> data

  7. wakakowak1

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    But how about the "Disconnecting Problems"
    5-10minutes the game is going to Disconnected i wonder whats the problem?. Any ideas?
  8. dapogz

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    Team: RedHorseBeer

    Mostly internet Issue.. either sobrang bagal ng net nyo or sobrang lag ng Server... happen to me pag nag sabay sabay mag streaming yung mga tao sa bahay namin

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