Browser-based MMORPG Flyff Universe in now available on mobile devices

Gala Lab's revamped browser-based MMORPG, Flyff Universe, is now available to play on the game's website! Experience a modern version of the iconic 2005 original, complete with updated graphics, lifestyle upgrades, and more, available in 16 languages worldwide. The game is truly cross-platform since, unlike other MMORPGs, it can be played in any browser on a PC, Mac, or mobile device without having to download anything.


Explore Madrigal's vast open world, which stretches across multiple continents and features everything from the peaceful village of Flarine to the steampunk region of Darkon. Take on difficult obstacles while flying on your hoverbike or broom, and connect with thousands of other online gamers. The eight sub-classes, multiple group dungeons, and PvP modes in Flyff Universe provide hundreds of hours of content.

Gala Lab, Sniegu Technologies, and a group of passionate fans of the 2005 original collaborated to produce this remake, creating a game built by players, for players. The following are some of the game's main highlights:


  • Free to play, no download, multiple UI, commands, and graphic settings to fit any device.
  • The game has no auto-play or auto-combat available, whether on mobiles or computers.
  • Tons of costumes are available so that players can look truly unique in-game. Mix and match any costume to get the perfect look.
  • Users can also switch between the original 3D renders or cartoonish cel-shading graphics at any time.
  • Engage in player-vs-player combat, including Duels, PvP Arena, Guild Siege, and the dedicated open-world PK channel on each server.
  • Unique party system (a group with friends or strangers, and level up your party to earn more Exp); Private player shop (set up your own shop anywhere in town), guild system, etc.
Since its Southeast Asian servers launched, over 250,000 people have joined Flyff Universe. New players will receive a slew of in-game goodies, including wings and consumables, as well as the chance to participate in a variety of launch activities as part of the global premiere celebration.


Almost the following weeks and months, Flyff Universe will continue to introduce new features to keep gamers interested, while still having over 17 years' worth of content available for future updates.