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Apr 22, 2019
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Bruno is one of the obviously replaceable heroes in the S12 META. His passive is about Crits which Lesley can do better. His first skill is an AoE CC skill which is almost like Karrie's First skill effect. His second skill is a CC stun effect which is like Moskov's knockback on Second skill. And his ultimate skill is a single target but can deal damage to many heroes with a knockback effect, which is quite different from Claude's and Hanabi's ultimate.

The best comparison that I can give is with Claude and Moskov.

Attack Power-Crit focused Bruno is like Moskov.

Attack Speed focused Bruno is like Claude.


Claude's first skill can slow. Moskov's first skill can help you chase a bit.

Claude is mobile with Second skill. Moskov' first and second skill can already replace Bruno's first and second skill roles.

Moskov can steal the lord and deal damage to multiple enemies with Ult and passive. Claude's Ult is a burst AoE skill too.

Yeah they don't have knockbacks but you don't want to help enemies escape right? Unless you are going to backdoor but you are not an assassin and you can't do that in higher ranks because you'll be more likely be killed.

The long intro is really for those who want to deeply understand the place of Bruno in the current META. But don't lose hope if he is your favorite hero since it will now depends on how you will play him

~~~Skills Analysis

Mecha Legs (Passive Skill)

Having robotic legs comes with a lot of benefits. One such benefit is increased leg power. Every time Bruno uses a skill, his critical attack rate soars by 4%. This effect can stack up to 5 times for a total increase of 20% in critical attack rate.

Before Lesley, Bruno has the greatest potential in terms of critical attack rate. Once this Mecha Legs passive skill is further augmented by critical rate-increasing items, then all of Bruno’s attacks are as good as critical hits.

The only downside to this passive skill is that you have to actually use all of Bruno’s skills one after another in order to increase his critical attack rate by 20%. Thus, to produce the maximum damage output, you will be better off investing in attack-increasing, critical damage-increasing, and critical attack rate-increasing items.

Also, this is one of the reasons why Bruno also suffer low mana situations.

Volley Shot (1st Skill)

As the name suggests, Volley Shot is a technique wherein Bruno kicks a shot-refracting energy ball towards a specified direction. This deals 200 [+70% Total Physical Attack] physical damage to the enemy hit by it and slows the target’s movement speed down by 60%. After the energy ball reaches its designated destination, it bounces and stays at a certain point, making it possible for allies to pick it up and thus reducing the cooldown of the skill.

Volley Shot shines the most during the early stages and middle stages of the game. It can be used to consistently harass enemy heroes by damaging and slowing them. This skill can also be used to effortlessly snag kills. Just stay alert for enemy heroes whose HP bars are on the critical level.

Since the cooldown of Volley Shot decreases considerably whenever the energy ball is picked up by an ally, it is good practice to let your allies know about this condition at the beginning of the game for everyone’s benefit.

Flying Tackle (2nd Skill)

Using the power of his mechanical legs, Bruno performs an intense forward slide, dealing 140 [+40% Total Physical Attack] physical damage to the enemies and stunning them momentarily. Additionally, this skill provides a slight movement speed bonus for Bruno for a short period of time after its execution.

There are two ways of using Flying Tackle; one is for offense and the other is for retreat.

As an offensive skill, Flying Tackle can be used to damage and stun enemies while Bruno hovers towards their location. Thus, it is a great initiation skill, as well as a chasing skill.

As a retreat skill, it not only allows Bruno to cover a reasonable distance away from harm, it also increases his movement speed temporarily thereafter, further improving his chances of escape.

Depending on the situation, you can even use Flying Tackle to employ hit-and-run tactics. Just hit the enemies with all you’ve got and make a quick escape with this skill. Rinse and repeat until the enemies fall back, die, or surrender.

Wave of the World Animation (Ultimate Skill)

For his ultimate attack, Bruno kicks an energy ball with all his might towards a specified enemy hero, dealing 250 [+95% Total Physical Attack] physical damage, causing a knock-back effect, and reducing the armor of the target by 3 for 8 seconds and stacking up to 3 times. Afterwards, the energy ball ricochets among nearby enemy heroes and damages them all for some minor damage until it stops.

Wave of the World Animation greatly improves the damage potential of both Bruno and his allies. This is especially apparent during team clashes.

Since enemy heroes are almost always stationed near one another during team clashes, Wave of the World Animation becomes really effective in damaging them all sustainably. The more damage the enemies receive, the more likely they are to get wiped out.

It is strongly advised that you use this skill only when there are multiple enemies present (including minions), to make the most out of its ricochet effect. This is due to the fact that the more enemies there are, the more ricochets the energy ball can make. Ultimately, that means more hits and a higher total damage.



Inspire - this spell only has 60 seconds cooldown. This will help you in pushing, getting kills, and other objectives like the Gold Crab, Turtle and Lord.

Aegis - For Higher Ranks, you need to master using this spell for your team's survivability. You will be mostly targetted by enemy Assassins so this spell is also a wise option.


Marksman Emblem with any Talent is actually good for Bruno.

Weakness Finder Talent is the common talent for Marksman Users especially in higher ranks.


1st Set: Max Crit

Rapid Boots
Berserker's Fury
Scarlet Phantom
Haas' Claws
Blade of Despair

2nd Set: No Windtalker

Rapid Boots
Berserker's Fury
Scarlet Phantom
Demon Hunter Sword
Blade of Despair
(Open slot for Situational Items)

3rd Set: Attack Speed focus

Swift Boots
Demon Hunter Sword
Scarlet Phantom
Berserker's Fury
Endless Battle
Blade of Despair


Early Game

Play safe. Go to a sidelane and balance laning and jungling. Buy Hunter's Knife to get extra XP from jungle monsters and to kill them quickly also. As much as possible, go with tank so that it can protect you and help you to farm faster.


You have to play as low key as possible until you get your core items (Berserker Fury and Scarlet Phantom)

Push along with a teammate unless you are sure that you won't be ambushed while pushing.

Late game

This is where you can now carry your team to victory. In a teamfight, wait for the enemy minion wave before you cast your ult. Stay backline and harass them with first skill and basic attacks. If you have Demon Hunter Sword, you can kill tanks quickly.

Don't try to kill the enemy's backline by engaging using your second skill to stun the frontline then attack the backline. Better kill the frontliners first then you may safely kill the backline. Reserve your second skill for escaping.

~~~Miscellaneous Tips

1. Mana Problem? There are two efficient ways to deal with it.

Buy two magic necklace after buying Hunter's Knife then later on you can use it to build Endless Battle as your lifesteal and attack item.

Second, use basic attacks more. Save your first skill for securing kills (to slow escaping opponents) and second skill to escape.

2. Assassins getting near you? Knock them back by using your ultimate skill.

3. Problem with the Burst Damage of Mages? Build Athena's Shield

4. Cc skills? You cannot counter them. Prevention is better than cure so be aware of your position in teamfights. Purify is only efficient to use if the enemy team has hard CC effect casters like Minotaur, Chou and Guinevere.

5. So what is the META (Most Effective Tactics Available) for Bruno?

You are not like Claude that can be played aggressively. Play him Passively to be safe. Get objectives safely and always try to be alive for your team's victory especially in Late Game so try to extend the game until Late Game.

Bruno Guide: How to play him like he's underrated By: AdminGanda