BTS members’ skins for Free Fire explode in popularity among fans and gamers alike

As part of Free Fire's global collaboration campaign with 21st-century pop icons BTS, the BTS members have designed original skins for the game.

Gen FF - BTS skins.jpg

All members of BTS revealed their design process and inspiration in the first snippet of 'The Free Fire x BTS Show' which aired on YouTube on 24 Mar. From V's stealth ghillie-inspired suit and J-Hope's stylish checkered suit complete with accessories and RM's surfer 'summer exclusive' concept – the costumes showcased each member's unique preferences. The short film is available to watch here.

In particular, Jin's costume has been gaining much popularity among both Free Fire and BTS fans for its distinct design. His affectionately named 'Pink Angel Princess' design has a beard and dons a bright pink, eye-catching full bodysuit that comes with angel wings.


Fans are praising Jin for his creative, open-minded approach which is breaking gender stereotypes, as the costume doesn't have any stereotypically masculine or feminine features. He designed it as a costume "that's meant to be loved by everyone."


Suga commented that Jin's design is suited for longtime players. The design has also caught the attention of new gamers, such as YouTuber HGamesYT, who has over 7.2m subscribers and had never heard of Free Fire prior to the BTS collaboration – testament to how unique collaborations such as this that overlap culture, music, fashion and gaming can rally communities together.


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