BTS mobile game BTS Island: In the Seom will be globally released on June 28

Hybe Japan announces that a new BTS mobile game titled BTS Island: In the Seom will be launching on June 28 worldwide.


To celebrate the game’s upcoming release, BTS released a new music video for their song “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” using the game’s visuals. The music video showed the group arriving on the island and having fun.

BTS is also holding a retweet event to celebrate the music video and once it hits 30,000 retweets, all players will receive 200 gems once the game launches.

bts game feature.png

bts feature.png

BTS Island In The Seom is a match 3 puzzle game based on the BTS IP, one of the world’s most popular music groups from South Korea. Players can enjoy a fun puzzle game with their favorite BTS members by unleashing special skills and chaining together huge combos. Players can also dress up the members of BTS and have fun with them by customizing the island with a variety of props from basketball courts, beach chairs, and more. The charisma and personality of each of the members are portrayed authentically through the characters and actions, making BTS Island In The Seom a game BTS fans should not miss out on!

bts prereg.png

bts army bong.png

Pre-registration for the game is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and Twitter! Players that pre-register for the game can receive a unique Army Bomb Stand when they log into the game! and the retweet conditions for the 3,000 Gold event have been fulfilled, so all players will also receive 3,000 gold when the game launches!