Buckle up, Travelers! The most awaited Yae Miko is here and she is ready to take your primogems. PC PS4 Android 


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Feb 16, 2022
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Katrina Gatchalian
Ever since she was teased in the patch 2.0 Trailer, the world of Teyvat has not stopped talking of her name. Many of which has formed their own theories and prediction about the character and her lore. Finally, the wait is over. Guuji Yae of the Grand Narakumi Shrine, Editor-in-chief of the Yae Publishing House, and the most loyal servant of the Raiden Shogun is here at last.

New Event Wishes

Event Duration:

After patch 2.5 update - 03/08/2022 17:59

The Event Wish "Everbloom Violet" comes with the five-star “Yae Miko” together with three other four-stars. The Kamisato household housekeeper and pyro polearm user, Thoma. The Cat’s tail bartender and cryo archer, Diona. Lastly, the Prinzessin der Verurteilung and electro archer, Fischl.

Together with the character banner, this patch also comes with a new weapon banner. The "Epitome Invocation" contains the new five-star catalyst weapon “Kagura's Verity” and a re-run of the “Primodial Jade Cuter”. As well as the four-star weapons: Wavebreaker's Fin, Sacrificial Sword, Rainslasher, Eye of Perception, and The Stringless.

Have fun traversing the lands of Teyvat, Travelers! A new set of adventure awaits!

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