Budget Build Guide With Nox Setting for Stable Gameplay


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Dec 25, 2018
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this post is for those who wants to build a pc for multiple clients while doing other office stuff .

NOX or other emulator uses CPU more than GPU,
if thats the case what cpu/processor should you buy?

common mistakes of consumers who build pc always depends on the clock speed which is alright to some point but its not enough

even you have a 5.0GHZ single core processor is still slow because it is easily be loaded thats why we need multiple cores which distribute the data to be process. its like what we say in tagalog"BAYANIHAN". each processor help each other to process data by not being overload :)

so what type of processor should I buy?

I prefer multi threaded cores like 4 cores 8 threads or 8 cores 16 threads

wait? what is thread?I define thread like a multiplier. for example a single core can process a singe data only but the multi threaded core can process 2x data than regular core. ( google nyo nalang for better understanding)

so what should I buy? for me the best budget wise on the market is Ryzen 7 1800x which have 8 cores and 16 threads with the base clock speed of 3.6Ghz and can max throttle on 4.0Ghz .
(NOTE:with this build you need a good cooling system specially if you're trying to Overclock)

next would be the GPU. of course you will build a pc not only for ROM right? you also want to play other games so I recommend GTX 1050 ti.

wait are you sure that my multiple clients would not lag for only having GTX 1050?

Like i said Emulators doesn't feed that much on GPU specially ROM.

next would be the RAM or ( RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY )

having only 4GB of ram is not enough what you need is 16Gb of RAM or more :) im telling you its worth it ( make sure to buy 2400mhz or higher )

last will be the storage

I recommend using SSD for NOX or other EMULATOR for faster DATA Transfer

my current VM per client is 6gb with only ROM on it so 120gb is enough

so what would be my nox setting for this to run stable multiple clients

for 5 clients only you could set your setting into 2 cores 2048 ram running in OpenGL mode with 60fps

for 10 clients custom 2 cores 1600gb of ram running in directx mode with 30fps

you can still browse or do other stuff while playing with multple accounts with this settings and build

hope this would help you guys