Building & Fighter is Nexon’s upcoming reality-based action RPG now available to be pre-registered

The new reality-based action RPG of Nexon titled Building & Fighter is now open for pre-registration for both Android and iOS users based in Korea.

building and fighter.jpg

Building & Fighter features real-life-based buildings based in Korea, where the story of the game unfolds. With a true-to-life map, players can immerse themselves into the storyline and detailed worldview of Building & Fighter. Uncover the secrets of the four major factions that are hiding within humanity to protect the world order that is already at the brink of destruction.

The game follows an animation-styled 3D battle approach and features easy-to-use controls. With the art style already looking to be very appealing to the eyes, the developers made sure that the players will be hooked into the game by allowing the game to run on real-world GPS data, which will make the detailing and environment of the game something to look forward to.

As always, the various characters of the game will each have their own distinct personalities. Unlock unique skills by continuing your progress in the game to be able to participate in epic battles. Make a strategic plan of when to support your subordinates and when to fight alongside them by mixing and matching over 50 subordinate character options.

Unfortunately, only players from Korea are allowed to partake in the pre-registration process of the game, which is through both the Google Play Store and the App Store page of Building & Fighter. Hopefully, the game will soon allow pre-registrations globally so that all interested players can pre-register this promising game.