Building & Fighter revealed a new GPS-based mobile fighting game from AStorm

A new game has been released by AStorm, the Korean developer of the PC action RPG HeroWarz (distributed by KOG). Yoon Jong Kim, a former creator of Cyphers, a 3D MOBA, and Nexons Dungeon & Fighter (formerly known as Dungeon Fighter Online), developed AStorm. HeroWarz shut down, but it didn't stop being silent.


You might think it's a little corny that these mobile games are called Building & Fighters or BNF and that they require the GPS (Global Positioning System). Buildings can be moved using the GPS, and players can engage in combat with other players to occupy occupied buildings. There will be various avenues for advancement in both building and combat for both players and HeroWarz. The game will start in Korea and be played in the Alps in August.