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May 11, 2015
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I'm pretty sure Bukkuman's skills make a lot people confused, I will explain how he works.

It's the key shiki dealing with Demon Encounter Bosses and Kirin Hunting in CN version now. With Ushi no Toki you can even make 1000K+ damage.Pic 2 is the team I usually use.

Roam: Heal your target and give your target a "protection". If you encountered with, let's say a Ibaraki, and Ibaraki used skill on that protected shiki, the protection makes the damage controled no more than 9% of Bukkuman's HP.
For example, that Ibaraki was going to kill your shiki with a 40000 blow but the protect may make it 2000.
The Roam is designed for defending deadly ST but not very helpful on multi-hit skills.
It will add a Scroll of Everything(LV.1) on enemy when LV.3
It can protect 2 target when LV.5

Scroll of Everything: Put a Curse on you enemy and remember how many damage it get.When Bukkuman's round again, the target will take the 50% percent(100% when lv.4) of the damage that have been remembered.The total won't mo than 1200% of Bukkuman's HP.
For example, You put a Curse on a Hana,and Hana get 10000 damage. When Bukkuman gets his round, You will see the Hana get another 5000 damage(skill LV.1).
When LV.5, the Bukkuman will additionally put another Curse on the shiki with lowest HP.

Bukkuman's damage is not based on ATK but his HP and he needs to keep using Scroll of Everything to make damage.I recommend and ONLY recommend Fortune Cat.
His skill damage and healing can trigger CRIT so I use SPD-HP-CRIT.

Now let's see how my team works.The order of shiki is important
1st. Ushi no Toki: Watcher-Tsuchigumo, SPD-HP-HP
2nd. Bukkuman: Fortune Cat,SPD-HP-CRIT
3rd. Maki & Karashi: Fortune Cat,SPD-HP-CRIT
4th. Shuten Doji: Shadow-Odokuro,SPD-ATK-CRIT DMG
5th. Seimei:Amulet: Death, Spell: Star
6th. Tamamo no mae: Shadow,ATK-ATK CRIT DMG
The Bukkuman must be slower than Ushi but faster than your DPS!!!!!And if you have the balls you can change Maki & Karashi into another DPS(Not recommend in Kirin and Odokuro)
And you can use whatever DPS you like,I use Shuten to make sure the rest will have enough orbs.
All you need to do is click the Ushi no Toki's Decoy Doll.The bukkuman's AI is use Scroll of Everything first but use The Roam when a teammate's HP is lower than 25%

If you have any question,just ask.