Bungie apologizes to Destiny fans.

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    Bungie's The Taken King expansion for Destiny includes new content but fans were annoyed when some of the exclusive bonuses included in the $80 The Taken King: Collector's Edition could be purchased no other way. It seemed like hardcore fans, the ones who had supported the game from the beginning, were being left out in the cold.
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    Bungie has addressed the situation today, and it looks like the fans have been listened to.


    A tone-deaf interview on the pricing and content of the Taken King for euro gamers seemed to set the community on fire. The issue is that while the expansion costs $40, you would have to pay $80 dollars of the original game to get all the content and three new emotes that wouldn't be sold any other way. So to get that content, you'd have to rebuy the game and several expansions.

    source via http://www.polygon.com/2015/6/24/88...destiny-fans-will-sell-taken-king-dlc-goodies
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