Cabal M English Patch Guide for those who cant wait anymore

We all know we love our nostalgia, from various media, music, movies, and especially games. There's a lot of things that can fill you with nostalgia as you remember the good old times. With games being the more interactive bunch as you have probably enjoyed them at your local internet cafe and played with either friends or you feel like Kirito going solo, but what if I tell you that there's a game you can play in your mobile phone, at the comforts of your houses while reminiscing the past. Well, we got that covered.

Cabal M English Patch Guide.jpg

Recently, you have seen posts here about Cabal M being available in some countries yet we don't have it here first, yes? Well, good news as we can have it now, using some special tricks ofcourse. You need some programs and the like, which is why here's some guide for you to help you on that part. Make sure you also have a VPN as you'd be playing in another server which means it may be region locked. Just a heads up!

Basically, you need to have Cabal M, Parellel LIte (to clone your files), FX, and the english layout and patch. These are all provided in the video that is uploaded by Lusot TV. The video tells that you should download all the files and install them all. Then, with parallel lite, clone them to have a second space for your apps and get parallel support. Finally, with the help of FX, you can add the English Layout and Patch together with your Cabal M. But make sure to follow the video so you don't get lost.

Just follow that guide and you will have the game installed in no time. However, the patch is a bit outdated currently so let's help you out on that one. Again, Lusot TV has a video for you. But make sure you followed the first steps that the first video shown, basically you need to have Cabal M, Parallel Lite, FX installed already so you have no problems with this one.

It's just a matter of overwriting the old ones with the new english patch that is released today. And you can find some groups in Facebook that plays it with the same thing that you do, you can ask for their help and they will gladly respond to your problems.

Cabal M English.jpg

While it's true that the Philippines haven't been blessed with a launch of Cabal M here, maybe it is only a matter of time, I believe. You can play now and see for yourself and maybe switch back once we have our own version. But you can also wait, ultimately, it's up to you. Would you play it now via these methods? Tell us in the comments section below!