Cabal M Finally Going Live On Thailand, Philippines Release Still Undetermined

The long wait is over for Thai gamers as finally after years of patience, Electronics Xtreme in partnership with ESTgames has already sealed the deal of launching Cabal M in the Land of Smiles in the third quarter of this year.

Cabal M.jpg

The previous humor that circulated a months ago has been confirmed lately as the two companies announced that the mobile version of one of the most popular MMORPG in PC will finally reach a new shore after years of being available only in Korea region.

Cabal M, as many of you know, is the sole mobile adaptation of Cabal Online that become one of the hit PC game in the Philippines due to its adrenaline-fueled combo system and stylish visual graphics that makes all Pinoy gamers form an enduring community around it that remains active for years now.

Cabal M b.png

The mobile version of Cabal is expected to remain true to its PC predecessor but modified to maximize its potential in your smartphone. It offers features that you can expect from other mobile MMORPG like auto-combat as well as some familiar elements like WAR and PVP system as well as different battle modes and a transformation mode for each of your characters.

It is also anticipated that all the previous classes from the PC will be available in the mobile version such as the infamous Force Blader known for pulling crazy hack and slash combo and the Wizard that nuke everything on sight with destructive spells. Cabal M Korea also include a Gladiator class which is hopefully will be part of the roster available in Cabal M TH.

The official website for Cabal M is already active now but no further content has been added but it is expected that after a few days, more updates will come.

Cabal M c.png

The only question now that is yet to answer is will ESTgames will also plan to release a SEA version of Cabal M and hopefully, we can enjoy a global launch soon after Thailand knowing Cabal Online is still alive in regions like the Philippines and arguably there are so many gamers that still waiting for a Cabal Mobile PH? Added to this is the fact that many games from the era of Cabal Online's early years have already had their own mobile version now (Perfect World is about to be launched this August).

For those who can't wait yet to play the game, there are FB group dedicated to Cabal M gamers in the Philippines that provides links and downloads for an English Patch of the game as well as other vital apps like Parallel lite to run it in your country.

Are you expecting also Cabal M to be available here in the Philippines? Go to our comment section and let us know your thoughts about it!