Cabal M: Heroes of Nevareth is now opening its pre-registration soon

One of the popular PC MMORPG is coming in July with its mobile version. Published by PLAYPARK, Cabal Online will have a mobile version titled as CABAL M: Heroes of Nevareth.


Announced two months ago, the most anticipated mobile adapted MMORPG of the classic Cabal Online by PLAYPARK, the publisher has announced when the pre-registration for Cabal M will start and also, its upcoming closed beta test. PLAYPARK stated that the Cabal M will contain almost all of the PC features of Cabal Online such as the PVE and PVP mode, dungeon raids, guild wars, and faction wars.

There will be eight available classes that players could choose from: Warrior, Blader, Wizard, Force Shielder, Force Archer, Force Blader, Gladiator and Force Gunner.


The pre-registration will start on June 22 while the closed beta test will start in July and will last for a whole week. The game will be available in Southeast Asia, specifically in Vietnam as well as the Philippines. More regions will be added in the future.


Cabal M is not yet available for download, however there are minimum specs that you have to meet for the game to be accessible on your mobile devices be it Android or iOS.
  • Android OS version 4.4 and above, with at least 3GB of RAM, and 2.8 GB of free internal memory space.
  • iPhone: iOS 11.2 or later
  • iPod: iOS 11.2 or later
The exact launch date for Cabal M: Heroes of Nevareth is still not officially announced but it is scheduled to be released in the third quarter of this year.

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