CABAL M: Heroes of Nevareth Pre-Registration

Please take note of these pre-registration reminders.
  • No referral code is needed. The referral campaign is being finalized and will be launched as soon as we can.
  • No email confirmation, no registration. We opened the pre-registration link for testing for a few partners. For those who tried registering early, if the email confirmation icon/link did not appear in the email you received you will not be able to confirm your email and complete the registration process. But it's ok, you can try again during the official start of pre-registration.
  • Pre-Registration begins on June 28, 2021. It all begins tomorrow, #CABALheroes. Only at

You can pre-register via the link below.

Registration Links
Important note: Copy/paste the link onto a browser or better yet type it in to make certain that there are no extra characters in the link you used.

As long as you submitted your pre-registration within June 28, 2021 your registration will be tagged/stamped to be registered on this day even if you click on the confirmation email link later in the day or even in the week.

The confirmation email link will not expire.

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