Cabal Mobile Beta at English Release, Team Omega PLDT Smart, Duterte PLDT Shutdown Threat and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Duterte PLDT Shutdown and new Team Omega by PLDT and Smart, Cabal Mobile Beta and English Release date, Life After, Google Netflix for games and game console, Free Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Mobile Legends Profesional League Season 3, Pokemon Sword and Shield

Cabal Mobile
  • Previously we reported that Cabal Mobile was trademarked in South Korea but now we have good news
  • because EST games has officially revealed the the popular pc mmorpg is indeed coming to mobile
  • Unfortunately there is no current release date however its reported that the CBT is starting on south korea this march 13 which will last in 5 days
  • actually they even dropped a trailer
  • so if you are interested you can register in their website but take not you will need a mobile number registered in korea to qualify
  • additionally according to the reports EST Games is planning to release an english version within this year
  • wow
  • The mobile version of Cabal will also have most of its original features that were previously present in the PC
  • The game will also have PvP, PvE, dungeon raids and guild wars
  • so if you remember the massive factions wars its reported that it will be in Cabal Mobile
  • hopefully the device won't lag
  • and since its mobile expect an auto mode and interface for mobile devices

Team Omega

  • Recently we talked about Globe and Mineski having a new team called Liyab but now PLDT and Smart are joining
  • as recently PLDT and Smart revealed its new team called Team Omega
  • here it's the official statement of Andre L Santos, the head of FVP and Consumer Marketing
  • PLDT and Smart will improve our internet services specially our customer relationship
  • joke, asa pa tyo di nila sinabe yun pero eto ang official statement
  • “Launching ‘Omega’ as our official professional esports team reinforces the long-standing commitment of PLDT and Smart to elevate esports in the Philippines, as well as provide the ultimate gaming experience for Filipino gamers, fans, and enthusiasts”
  • So the Team Omega will consists of teams for Dota 2, Mobile Legends, Tekken 7
  • Andrew Santos also added the following
  • “Experienced 'Omega' athletes show what Filipinos are capable of achieving with their passion and dedication to esports. Hence, more than being a formidable team, ‘Omega’ serves as an inspiration to fellow gamers, who, with the right support, can be at par with the best in the world."
  • So currently the roster for Dota are Julz, Nasjo, Yaj, Palos, and Efking
  • while the ML roster are Lex, Levi, Karl, Dale, and Boo
  • finally for tekken 7 will Juliano Lozano or Jules who is one of the best tekken players in the country
  • The new team will make their debut this March 17 on the Nationals tournament
  • So what do you think of Team Omega? let us know in the comments

Life After
  • for other mobile game news
  • NetEase has officially released the english version of its survival crafting RPG called Life after
  • the game previously known as “The Day After Tomorrow” is now available in both Android and iOS
  • To those who don't know Life after is set in a post apocalyptic world full of zombies mutants and monsters
  • in Life After you will need to hunt and collect resources for food, shelter and weapons
  • at least not another battle royale
  • So in this survival game you can team up with friends to explore the massive world
  • Basically Life After combines elements of a classic rpg with survival elements

Google Netflix for Games

  • Google will be diving into the word of gaming as reports are coming that Google is creating a netflix for games and a gaming console
  • According to the reports google has two game related projects called project yeti and project stream
  • basically project yeti is the gaming console while project is the game streaming service similar to playstation now and geforce now
  • First lets talk about Project Stream
  • like netflix this is reported to be subscription service type model meaning you will need to play monthly then gain access to play the games
  • the bad part is you will need to stream the game so expect delays
  • specially in the Philippines
  • actually i dont even think this will work in Philippines given how slow the internet is
  • 480p nalang nag bubuffer pa what more pag nalaro ka
  • Now lets talk about Project Yeti
  • according to the reports this will be low priced console which is based on android
  • its also speculated that this will be the primary device or method for you to stream games
  • since you will need a hub to connect controller and connect it you your tv or monitors as well as connecting to the internet
  • Well thats all the information we got hopefully they will shed more details on the upcoming Game Developer Conference on March 19

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free
  • Do you want free games?
  • Well good news because a DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Free Edition coming to Steam and PS4 in March
  • Of course, the free edition will be slightly different compared to the full version
  • as the game will have weekly rotation of characters
  • so basically a lineup of 4 free characters that changes every week
  • and unfortunately the story mode will be available in the free editions however if you purchase the save files will be transferred in the full edition
  • So thats it if you are interested its reported to be available on March 12
  • however take note if you are using ps4 you will need ps plus to play online

Mobile Legends Season 3
  • now lets go to esports kaso mobile ulit
  • because Mobile Legends Profesional League is back for the 3rd season
  • To those who don't know this will be a weekly tournament with a total prize pool of 100k usd
  • then last season Cignal Ultra won against Bren Esports
  • urrently here are the teams invited
  • Cignal Ultra, BREN Esports, SG Dragons (formerly Finesse Solid), Evos PH (formerly SXC Imba), Aether Atlas (formerly Aether Main) and Execration
  • while the teams for the main qualified are No Limit, Finesse Phoenix, Arkangel (Formerly ArkAngel Wicked Minds) and Arkangel Ownage
  • so basically MPL PH will feature top six teams of the 2nd season with 4 nws teams
  • Then the winner will advance to the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup
  • So if you are interested the event will be live streamed on Facebook Gaming and will begin this March 23

Pokemon Sword and Shield

  • During the last Nintendo direct Nintendo announced its new Pokemon Game called Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield
  • The 8th gen pokemon will be coming to the nintendo switch late 2019
  • so matagal tagal pa
  • According to the reports the new pokemon game are set in the Galar region a country side with thick forest and snowy mountains
  • the 3 starter pokemons will the grass type Grookey, fire type Scorbunny and water type Scoble
  • Currently that's all the information we got so stay tuned
  • also sino ang pipiliin mo sa tatlo? comment lang sa baba