Cabal Mobile Open Beta & Pre Registration, Persona 5 The Royal, RGS SEA Finals and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk Cabal Mobile Open Beta and Pre Registration, PUBG Corp "Chicken Dinner" China Trademark, Nvidia GTX 1660 and 1650, RoS RGS SEA Finals, Marvel Future Fights Avengers Endgame Content, and Persona 5 The Royal

Cabal Mobile Open Beta and Pre Registration
  • Let's talk about cabal mobile again, because this time we have an official announcement from GM Romni of Cabal Mobile team
  • So last April 24, Cabal Mobile Pre registration has began
  • this includes an event where you can win an airpod 2
  • this event will run until may 20 so you can still participate
  • how order in order to pre register you will need a korean phone number as this is required
  • So that's it? wait there is more
  • Because on the announcement Gm Romni also included the expected day for the “Open Day”
  • which we believe is what he meant to say will be the Cabal Mobile Open Beta
  • so on his statement the Open Day will be on May 21 Tuesday
  • however this date is subject to change
  • here is what he said
  • “Open Schedule may be changed according to issues such as market acceptance. If there is any change in schedule”
  • not sure what the market acceptance means but we speculate it got to do with client stability and other server side problems
  • then if the schedule was change he will update us according to the post
  • On a forum post GM Romni also advised to uninstall the old client otherwise you may not be able to get the update
  • basically you need to install this new client that they will release for the Korean OBT
  • GM Romni also added the restriction that if you steal someone's phone number in the participation of the event is that it may be subject to legal punishment
  • Why? because in Korea phone numbers are associated with a person's Korean Social Security Number or KSSN
  • which is connected to pretty much all the information of a resident
  • Sadly again is there is no mention of a global release date
  • and since it's only an open beta we highlight doubt that it will be in english
  • but if the information provided on other reports from other news sources, is that the global and english release date will happen this year
  • when exactly is we yet don't know

PUBG trademark with China

  • Apparent the PUBG Developer is suing China government board
  • why you might ask? well apparently for the wrong reasons
  • to start with here is a short summary
  • Back in 2017 PUBG Corp applied for a certain keywords in Chinese
  • when it was translated its the words “Chicken Dinner”
  • yep that's right PUBG Corp wants to trademark Chicken Dinner
  • However this trademark was rejected because according to the board it lacks business trademark
  • just imagine if they won this trademark in the country, meaning companies will have to pay royalty for the word chicken dinner
  • so since it got rejected PUBG corp started suing the committee in order to appeal the decision
  • PUBG Corp explained argued that the term has been promoted and marketed for a lengthy time
  • To this date the lawsuit is still ongoing
  • this is really weird since other companies are also using the word Chicken Dinner
  • it's too generic to be honest

GTX 1660TI and 1650

  • Now for tech news
  • Nvidia recently announced GeForce GTX 1660 Ti and 1650 a turing based GPU for gaming laptops
  • instead of talking about the specs will talk about the performance
  • so if you plan to buy laptops with this graphic cards here are the fps you can expect
  • So on Assassin Creed Odyssey on high settings
  • the 1660 TI can run at 50fps while it runs Battlefield V in 80.3 fps
  • not bad considering both games are GPU intensive
  • the card can also run GTV 5 at 70 fps
  • although not a new title the game still looks good
  • so what does this mean?
  • if you buy laptops with 1660 Ti cards is that you won't have problem running Rules of Survival, PUBG, LoL or Dota 2

  • New season and of course new issues
  • because in the recent RGS SEA Finals teams SEAL Gaming and SWAT have been disqualified along i with their final placements being forfeited
  • So why did this happen? did they use cheats or hacks?
  • well apparently during the match team seal gaming and swat have been found to be suspiciously teaming up
  • this is to gain unfair advantage on other opponents
  • So now both teams are now disqualified
  • here is the official announcement of the RoS Global Committee
  • “We noticed that in the most recent RGS SEA Finals, teams SEAL GAMING and SWAT are suspiciously teaming up to to gain unfair advantage. After thorough review with NetEase, we hereby announce that they will be disqualified from RGS SEA Final and their final placement is also forfeited accordingly to maintain the fairness of the tournament”
  • so yep team up happens even in the SEA Finals

Marvel Future Fights

  • Who plays marvel future fights? the mobile rpg by netmarble?
  • well recently the game added its Avengers Endgame content
  • hashtag no spoilers
  • So basically they added new character variations based from the movie
  • If you watch the EndGame movie those new uniforms will now be available in the game
  • Marvel Future Fights also included a new Legendary battle with three new stages which is based on the Avengers Endgame

Persona 5 The Royal

  • After several teasers and promotion, Atlus finally revealed Persona 5 The Royal
  • this is an upgraded version of the 2016 RPG Persona 5
  • So what's new?
  • The Royal version will have graphic upgrades as well as new music
  • There will also be a new character called Kasumi Yoshizawa who is a transfer student from the Shujin Academy
  • There is also a new confidant named Takuto Maruki who is a part time counselor
  • then for new contents will have “The untold third semester”, school life, Phantom Life, Spec Up and more
  • the bad news is that the game will release first in Japan this October 31 while a western release will be sometime in 2020


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