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    Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk Cabal Mobile open beta schedule? All female Ardent eSports, Playstation 5 hardware info, Extraordinary Ones MOBA, Eclipse Isle, and Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

    Cabal Mobile Open Beta Schedule?
    • Since you've been asking about cabal mobile we now have several updates for you
    • First is according to the cabal mobile facebook page the cabal mobile team is preparing something at the end of April
    • due to the lost of translation its not confirmed if this is an open beta as it literally translates to “pre booking”
    • which doesn't makes sense
    • However in a discussion board update GM Romni posted instructions of deleting the existing CBT client
    • this is due of not being notified about the update when you try to connect
    • so basically is the GM instructing users to delete the old client and after they announced something is coming this end of April?
    • but wait there's more
    • According to a blog post by Mr Wormy - a prominent figure on posting Cabal Mobile leaks
    • posted that the Cabal Mobile next phase is starting on the end of april which includes pre registration
    • so what's the next phase?
    • if you think about it the previous phase was CBT
    • so what comes after CBT? well it's Open Beta, unless they do another Close beta
    • which is unlikely since EST games recently got awarded as the best beta of march
    • unfortunately there was no mention of specific dates or even an english version
    • So that's our Cabal Mobile update
    • do note that majority of this posts are speculation and no definite source

    Ardent ESports

    • Now let's go to esports
    • A new all female team called Ardent eSports was recently announced
    • team ardent is lead by Jhanelle trias who will serve as the captain
    • Jhanelle will also be playing as Ardents midlaner
    • the team also consist of Daven Loise a former Jungler for Team X
    • nex we also have Alexa Asahina who is also the former mid lane and captain of Team Goddess from season 3 and Team Redemption season 4
    • Alexa will now be Team Ardent’s official support
    • then we have Mariane who is known as a league top laner
    • finally is Jeng Jeng from an ADC of Team Posi whom was known as a runner up in FSL
    • Jeng Jeng will now be Team Ardent’s AD carry for the bot lane alongside Alexa
    • the new team is sponsored by MSI Gaming, Wargods Pro Gaming Arena and Barcy eSports

    Extraordinary Ones

    • An anime themed MOBA for mobile called Extraordinary ones is now on CBT
    • so that's it?
    • well actually based from promotional materials and gameplays the anime characters are from popular animes
    • in fact we spotted one punch man, mob psycho 100, my hero academia, black clover and more characters in the game
    • are this characters licensed? actually we dont know if they even licensed to be in the game
    • oh well china copyright system at its finest
    • but if you are interested
    • the game is a classic 5v5 moba where you can select classes like Tank, Support and more
    • according to the game description there are over 56+ legendary heroes which are voiced by an all star japanese voice cast
    • the game also has features like hero awakening mode, academy style 3 lane map, hero intimacy system and more

    Eclipse Isle

    • Formerly known as Operation Stormy Island, Eclipse isle the anime style survival games in now on early access
    • So basically this game is like Mobile Legends in Battle Royale
    • because you can select and master heroes of your choice
    • with each heroes having unique skills and and abilities
    • like other battle royale games you will need to scavenge and equip gears actually there are bows and arrows
    • Eclipse Isle also emphasises more on strategy because you can do camouflage, stealth, track and even cook

    Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

    • The latest entry tin the Ys RPG Franchise “Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana” will be coming mobile with a worldwide release
    • this was announced on Falcom;s press release
    • Currently there has been no date for the release
    • but if you are interested the game is an action rpg played in 3rd person perspective
    • the player can control multiple main characters with each having different playstyles
    • So in the game you can collect and craft materials for items or stronger weapons

    PlayStation 5

    • In a recent discussion about the next generation consoles sony discussed what's coming for the playstation 5
    • According to “Mark Cerny” they have been working on the next gen hardware for the past 4 years
    • Cerny also provided the successors new hardware
    • he mentioned that it will be again powered AMD, but this time they will be using the AMD Ryzen CPU which is based on Radeon Navi
    • so what this means is it will support ray tracing with resolutions up to 8k
    • he also mentioned that the audio will be getting a 3d audio technology which will have dramatic audio experience
    • as for the storage, the next console will be using SSD
    • and the best part is playstation 5 will be backwards compatible
    • as for the release schedule there was no mention of it yet
    • also the specs and hardware sounds expensive but according to sony it has an appealing price point
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