Cabal Mobile Open Beta?

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Sep 18, 2014
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Cabal Mobile Open Beta Schedule? First is according to the cabal mobile Facebook page the cabal mobile team is preparing something at the end of April.

Due to the lost of translation its not confirmed if this is an open beta as it literally translates to “pre booking”.

Which doesn't makes sense

However in a discussion board update GM Romni posted instructions of deleting the existing CBT client, this is due of not being notified about the update when you try to connect. So basically is the GM instructing users to delete the old client and after they announced something is coming this end of April?

But wait there's more, according to a blog post by Mr Wormy (a prominent figure on posting Cabal Mobile leaks) posted that the Cabal Mobile next phase is starting on the end of april which includes pre registration.

So what's the next phase?
If you think about it the previous phase was CBT, what comes after CBT? well it's Open Beta, unless they do another Close beta which is unlikely since EST games recently got awarded as the best beta of march

Update April 23 2019

Hello, this is GM Rommi.

The long-awaited opening date of Cabal Mobile's pre-booking has been decided!
Advance reservations will be held from Wednesday, April 24, two days later, and advance reservation reservations and schedule may change according to progress.

Prior reservation schedule guide

1. Advance reservation period
-April 24 (Wed) to May 20 (Mon), 2019

2. How to make reservations
- Please visit the CAVAL mobile reservation page ( ) and make an advance reservation.
- Enter your cell phone number and press register to finish!
- You can apply for reservation in advance by collecting and agreeing to collect personal information.

3. Advance reservation participation compensation

4. Official Service Open Day Information (subject to change)
- Expected Schedule: May 21 (Tue)
- Open Schedule may be changed according to issues such as market acceptance. If there is any change in schedule,

I am going to show you the revised schedule.
- Prior to the opening date on May 21 (Tue), you can install the game client in advance

Please note that a separate notice will be posted.

Please be careful when making advance reservations!

- If you steal someone's cell phone number, participation in the event is restricted and you may be subject to legal punishment.
- If you mistakenly enter your mobile phone number, change your mobile phone number, or set a spam

I am not responsible.
- If you request to withdraw the acceptance agreement outside of business hours and business hours, it will be processed on the next business day.

You'll receive ad text until you're done.

Thank you.


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Nov 13, 2018
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Share your memories and fun experiences with Kaval and get cultural gift certificates!

Tell the story of Cabal

■ Event period
- From Wednesday, April 24 until the formal opening

■ How to Participate in the Event
1. Please put the story of the player who was laughing and crying while participating in the event 'Participation in Cabal' event on the bulletin board !
2. When writing, please be sure to select the [horse] entry in the title .

■ Winner Selection Criteria and Rewards

- Best story (5): Carval Mobile GM selected directly (The higher the number of votes, the more likely it is to win!)
→ Cultural Vouchers 30,000 won

- Lottery (10): Draw 10 of the participants who participated in the event.
→ Culture voucher 10,000 won

※ Note
- The story will not be won in duplicate, and only one story will be recognized as the highest recommendation when duplicate is won.
- Articles that violate the operating policy may be deleted at random or may be excluded from the winner.
- Any postings on other bulletin boards other than the event participation board will be void.
- If you delete a story, you will not be eligible.
- This event is only available to members of the 'Café Mobile' official cafe.
- If the nickname or ID is not confirmed, the winner may be canceled.
- Event schedule and compensation may vary depending on the situation.

Thank you.


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Nov 13, 2018
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We have prepared a mini combo game for the players waiting for the launch of Kaval Mobile.

Play mini combo games and get AirPod 2!

It is not this taste! Combo Authentication Event

■ Event period

- April 24, 2019 - Tuesday, May 21, 2019

■ How to participate in the event


Please play combo mini game!
2. Authenticate your combo numbers to Facebook for full disclosure and share your '

Please leave a comment .
3. We will send a second generation of AirPot through the lottery to those who commented on the link to Facebook!
* caution! Internet Explorer (IE) does not support mini games.

Please run the game with a browser such as Chrome or Firefox, and set pop-up permission to share Facebook.

■ Winner Selection

- Winners will be selected from among those who commented.
- The winners will be announced on Monday, May 27 via the 'Winning Events' bulletin board.

■ Event compensation

1 person--AirPods 2nd Generation
10 people--Cultural gift voucher 10,000 won

※ Note

1. The maximum number of combo numbers does not affect the winner selection and the winner is chosen by a 100% lottery.
2. Inappropriate contents such as profanity, slander, etc. are excluded from the winner.
3. AirPods second-generation prizes will incur tax forfeiture.

4. If you can not share Facebook on iPhone, please make sure that it does not block pop-ups.

(IPhone Safari default setting is pop-up blocking)

Thank you.


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Nov 13, 2018
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We have prepared an event that will be even stronger as we go to the official cafe.

Warriors, gather! The more you play, the stronger the event

■ Event period

- April 24, 2019 - Tuesday, May 21, 2019

■ How to participate in the event

- Please join the official CAVAL mobile cafe ~

- If the number of members in the official cafe reaches a certain number, we will issue a car item (in-game).
- As the number of subscribers increases, more powerful items will be paid.

■ Event compensation (according to the number of official cafe subscribers, in-game item payment)

Number of subscribers Payment item
5 thousand people
English Blessing Potion Lv2,
Elixir of Honor (2,000,000)
10,000 English Blessing Potion Lv3,
Elixir of Honor (2,000,000)
15,000 people Blessing Bead Superior (1 day), Elixir of Honor (2,000,000)
20,000 Happy birthday ring (3 days),
glory of glory (2,000,000)

※ Note

1. Achievement of the event will be paid cumulatively

- Example: Receiving all items (total 8 items) when the number of official cafe subscribers reaches 20,000.
2. The number of the final official cafe subscribers will be calculated based on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.
3. Event rewards are paid as a cache inventory after the regular release and are non-transactional / non-refundable.
4. Event rewards are all item belonging to the account.

Thank you.


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May 8, 2019
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Cabal Mobile to b release this May? Bluestacks is taking pre registration and listed the game upcoming for this may enjoy this info