Call of Duty Mobile 2024 Summer will feature new collaborations, new events, and exclusive in-game updates

With the summer of 2024 rapidly approaching, Call of Duty Mobile is getting ready to release an array of exciting changes and events that are sure to enthrall players everywhere. A combination of new collaborations, captivating original content, and thrilling game modes are anticipated for the next Call of Duty Mobile season, which should keep the action in CODM nonstop and the adrenaline flowing.


Call of Duty Mobile 2024 Summer Key Highlights​

The Return of GFL Collaboration, Collateral Map, and more!​

The Girls' Frontline collaboration is one of the most eagerly awaited comebacks; it promises to include fresh surprises together with well-liked features from past events. Intense combat and strategic gameplay will be combined, along with exclusive rewards and themed material that blends in well with the COD Mobile environment, for fans of the Girls' Frontline (GFL) crossover.


The Call of Duty Mobile Idol Project, which stars the well-known Xingtong, is adding to the frenzy. By fusing the realms of pop culture and gaming, this project seeks to provide gamers with an unparalleled experience that mixes fast-paced action with the glitz and appeal of idol adoration. Because of Xingtong's engagement, the game will undoubtedly attract her followers, resulting in a lively and dynamic community gathering.

Another highlight is the Samurai's Soul Armory Series, which offers a variety of weapons and skins modeled after the legendary Japanese warriors. Players will be able to wield exquisitely crafted samurai-themed gear as they conquer the battlefield thanks to this series, which also adds a degree of historical complexity and cultural richness to the game. There's also Collateral, a recently released map, which is expected to be the newest COD Mobile battleground. Every match will be tough and thrilling thanks to the variety of fighting scenarios and strategic chances this map offers. Collateral is a game that promises to be new and immersive, whether players are sniping from a distance or fighting in close quarters.


Along with these significant changes, COD Mobile is revealing a brand-new, exciting partnership that is still under wraps. The possibility of yet another well-known collaboration is enough to keep the community excited even in the absence of specifics. It is anticipated that this partnership would provide special events and material to enhance the gaming experience even more.

Another creative addition to the game is the Combat Advisor tool. With the use of customized tactics and advice, this tool aims to help gamers perform better in-game. With its analysis of gameplay patterns and tailored recommendations, the Combat Adviser seeks to assist players in honing their abilities and realizing their greatest potential.

The Boxing Arena and New Rhythm Game​

The news that the Club feature would be returning is exciting for Call of Duty Mobile fans who love the social components of the game. In addition to the Club, new and exciting opportunities for player interaction and competition will be offered by the Boxing Arena and a brand-new rhythm game. A musical dimension is added to the CODM experience with the Rhythm Game, which tests players' coordination and timing. The Boxing Arena is expected to feature fierce one-on-one combat.


It's crucial to remember that a portion of this fantastic new material might only be available on the Garena edition of CODM. Garena is well-known for its regional events and tailored strategy, and it frequently provides audience-specific material. Gamers in these areas can anticipate special benefits and features that improve their gaming environment.

To put it briefly, Call of Duty: Mobile's Summer 2024 updates are anticipated to be among the most thrilling ones to date. COD Mobile keeps becoming better and drawing in more players with a mix of old favorites and creative new stuff. There is something for everyone in the upcoming season, regardless of your preferences for social gameplay, cultural crossovers, or furious combat. Prepare to immerse yourself in the action and take advantage of everything that Call of Duty Mobile has to offer this summer!