Call Of Duty Mobile and Prime Gaming collaborates to offer players free rewards in the game

Call Of Duty Mobile announces its collaboration with Prime Gaming, a collaborative venture between the two that promises a significant number of rewards to players of CODM in select regions.

codm x prime gaming.png

With the game already releasing its first season update for this year, players are already in for a whole lot of treat since aside from the recent update, there is another source for players to get another in-game item to be added in their in-game collection, which is through the partnership that the game has made with Prime Gaming. Players can acquire some exclusive items without using any money and it does not only include weapons but also cosmetic items as well.

For players who are already active members of Prime Gaming, they can obtain the Locus – Side Swindler Epic Weapon Blueprint. This will stay available until the 22nd of February but before acquiring it, players must first meet the prerequisites it needs.

Note, for players to get the rewards that this collaboration has to offer, they must have an active subscription to Amazon Prime. Additionally, they must also confirm that Amazon Prime Gaming is available in the region that they are residing in as this website is not available within some countries. If it’s confirmed that Prime Gaming is available within their country, they must also confirm if their region is eligible for these exclusive rewards. To do these, players can just refer to the Prime Gaming Support page.

Now, getting back to how to obtain the Locus – Side Swindler Epic Weapon Blueprint, here are the steps that you must follow to get your hands on it:
  • Go to the Call of Duty Mobile Offer Detail Page on Amazon Prime Gaming website
  • Click Claim Now on the active content drop.
  • Next, you will have to log in with your Prime-enabled account or sign up for Prime.
  • Click Continue to begin the account-linking process.
  • Then, click on Go to Activision which will redirect you to Activision’s account-linking page.
  • Log in with your Activision account and authorize Prime Gaming to fulfill content.
  • Click Complete Claim to finish your tasks.
After completing the steps, the acquired item will be available once the Call of Duty Mobile is launched.