Call of Duty: Mobile April 2024 Codes

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Codes that come with rewards are a norm in the gaming community as it gives free stuff that can be redeemed by players. As the codes can be redeemed without using any kind of expense, players often use codes to acquire some in-game items.


Call of Duty: Mobile are among those games that release codes occasionally for players to use. This is to either celebrate a certain occasion or celebrate game-specific milestones. However, they don’t make it directly available in the game and are sometimes not publicized, which makes the items that these codes have a bit more special and unique.

For this month, the developers have also released several codes to be redeemed by players who are interested to obtain the items that it will drop. However, take note that there will be some codes that may not be working because they either have timed out or the redemption limit has been reached.

Here is a list of all active and working COD Mobile Redeem Codes for April 2024.
  • BNX33C6FLWCPCBP [Clutch Operator Skin]
For those who don’t know, redeem codes of CODM can be usually found on the title's main social media or are posted by various personalities, streamers, and content creators associated with the game.

To redeem the codes, this is how you can claim the rewards:
  1. First, open COD Mobile and then tap on the username on the top left section of the home screen.
  2. Navigate to the profile section and copy your unique User ID (UID). This can be done by simply tapping on the name.
  3. Now, visit the official COD Mobile - Redemption Center.
  4. Fill out the UID, Redeem Code, and Verification sections.
  5. The copied UID can be pasted, then any one of the active Redeem Codes can be copy pasted by inputting the verification code.
  6. Hit the submit button to redeem the particular code.
  7. Now, open COD Mobile again and check your in-game mail. Click on collect and the redeemed item will be added to your inventory.
And, that’s about it! For more Redeem Codes of Call of Duty: Mobile, stay tuned!