Call of Duty: Mobile developers reveals that Shoot House and Alcatraz maps will be returning later this year in the game

Developer TiMi Studio Group and publisher Activision assures players and fans of Call of Duty: Mobile that it will now go away. The distress within the CODM community happened due to the Shoot House and Alcatraz maps being removed without prior notice.


Through the official X/Twitter account of the game, the developers pacified the fans by revealing that both maps will return “later this year.” The removal of the maps was due to the much-needed update that the game needs.

Since the Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is nearing its release, the conclusion that the players reached because of the sudden removal of the maps was not really unfounded. Both games are actually popular, with Warzone already having a solid playerbase, so it actually makes sense that the fans of CODM thought that they would not receive new content.

Especially since both maps will be making an appearance in Warzone Mobile, it can’t be helped that the fans got worried and rumors appeared within the CODM community. Thankfully, the developers immediately clarified what really happened to both maps and the situation finally de-escalated.

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