CALL OF DUTY: MOBILE joins forces with designer Shoji Kawamori on new reaper - Ashura Operator

Shoji Kawamori, a Japanese anime artist, producer, and mecha designer, unveils a new skin created specifically for Call of Duty: Mobile. Season 7 of Reaper — Ashura is now available.


The draw costs 10 COD points initially, but increases for each subsequent time it’s used. The initial probability of getting the Reaper – Ashura is a mere 0.08 percent, though this will increase as you unlock other items.

Other than the operator, the M4LMG – Salamander is another highlight in the Ashura Lucky Draw. The legendary weapon blueprint was also designed by Kawamori. It has electrically charged ammunition which creates an explosion when eliminating enemies.


The LK24 – Firehook, FHJ-18 – Technophile, Backpack – Technophile, Lil' Ashura charm, Trophy System – Technophile, and Wingsuit – Technophile are among the other prizes in the fortunate draw.

Season seven of Call of Duty: Mobile, Elite of the Elite, will continue through late September. The Scrapyard 2019 map, Ozuna: Kill Confirmed mode, Kinetic Armor operator skill, and other new features were added to the game. Monastery, a new map, will be added to the game shortly.


The Japanese division of ATLAS Corporation is putting a new prototype to the test in order to turn the tide of battle. This autonomous bipedal drone, codenamed "Ashura," is capable of performing complicated human functions on the battlefield.

The Reaper - Ashura Operator, created in cooperation with renowned mecha designer Shoji Kawamori, is now available in the Ashura Lucky Draw as part of Season 7 in Call of Duty: Mobile. Continue reading to learn more about the Ashura Draw's inventor Kawamori, the Reaper –Ashura Operator, and other things.


Mechas are essentially giant robots found in science-fiction genres which are controlled by humans, but move and look human. Mechas are hugely popular, especially in Japan, and while Reaper won’t be turning into a giant, the character is getting an amazing coat of paint thanks to Kawamori.

“When I was thinking about the mecha design of the robot weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile, which has a military-style worldview, I incorporated an ‘anime feel’ to achieve a balance that is more human, while still retaining a mecha vibe,” he explained about his design process.