Call of Duty: Mobile launches Season 7 with New Vision City event

The TiMi Studio Group's Call of Duty: Mobile is undoubtedly one of the greatest shooter games available for mobile devices. The game, which was released in 2019, adapts the acclaimed and gratifying first-person shooter gameplay from Activision's venerable brand to the battle royale experience.

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Call of Duty: Mobile, which is now in its sixth season, has teamed up with other legendary properties to offer intriguing crossovers to the game. The most recent of them is scheduled to make its appearance in the future season. In the seventh season, New Vision City, a crossover with Netflix's Ghost In The Shell: SAC 2045 is introduced. Let's examine the new material in more detail.

In Call of Duty: Mobile, Season 7 New Vision City ushers in a brand-new season packed with activities, new operators, weapons, and more. Season 7 introduces a new battle pass for players to complete and gain prizes, just like the previous seasons. The battle pass will include 50 tiers, each with a free and a premium level.

Throughout Season 7 of New Vision City, special weapons including the Switchblade X9, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, and COD Points (CP) are introduced, as well as new operators Blackjack - Elite and Motoko. So, with that stated, let's look at the season's new features.

COD Mobile community update rundown:

Weapon Balancing

On August 12, the developers released a patch that balanced various weapons. The Ghost in the Shell SAC 2045 cooperation allowed the team to make tweaks and improvements to the Cybernetic Abilities now accessible in Battle Royale (BR) in addition to the weapon balancing changes.

Buffed Switchblade X9

The Switchblade was nerfed as a result of the Public Test Build's performance, which left it unable to hold its own against more common weapons. It is being improved as a consequence to make it a competitive SMG option.
  • Range – Increased
  • Spring-to-Fire Delay – Decreased
  • Arm Damage Multiplier – Increased
  • Extended Mag Capacity - Increased
KSP 45 – Nerfed
  • ADS (Aim Down Sight) Movement Speed – Reduced
  • Range – Reduced
  • Light Weight Stock ADS Movement Speed – Reduced
  • Taskforce Barrel’s Range – Reduced
  • Head Damage Multiplier – Reduced
  • Chest Damage Multiplier – Reduced
  • Leg Damage Multiplier – Reduced
HVK-30 – Buffed
  • Ammo Capacity – Increased
  • Ranged – Increased
  • Large Caliber Mag’s Range - Increased

M4 – Buffed (Multiplayer only)
  • Range – Increased
  • ADS Time – Reduced
Inside the Event:
New Battle Royale Area – New Vision City: A new futuristic cybercity inspired by the GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045 Netflix series will be available in the Battle Royale mode. New Vision City is encapsulated by a mysterious shell and covered in perpetual darkness, illuminated only by the cyber-themed neon lights covering the high-rise buildings.


New Cyberware Abilities: Embrace change and enhancement with new Cyberware abilities. Defeat the Post-Humans in Battle Royale and earn one of the following abilities per match: Cyberbrain, Ocular System, Cyberbody, or Neuro System.

New Themed Event: Tongusa’s Survey - Motoko is connected to the Control Board and she needs Togusa's help. Uncover clues that she's left for Togusa on the map to find her and help connect to the network.

Seasonal Challenges

On August 18, the third Seasonal Challenge of Season 7 will begin. The ASM10 Signature Attachment - Branson may be obtained by using this challenge by players. Players must defeat adversaries on multiplayer maps with assault rifles and subsequently the ASM10 in order to finish this challenge. You will receive the Death's Grasp sticker, the ASM10 Silver Bamboo variation, and the Branson attachment for completing this challenge, along with 14,000 Battle Pass XP.

CoDM Season 7 New Vision City launches on August 3, 2022. The release timings for all regions are as follows:
  • August 3, 2022
  • 5:00 pm PDT8:00 pm EST
  • August 4, 2022
  • 1:00 am BST2:00 am CET4:00 am AST5:30 am IST8:00 am BJT9:00 am JST
Call of Duty: Mobile is available on Android and iOS, and players can jump right in today.