Call of Duty Mobile Phantom, 20v20 Battle Royale Mode, Rapid Fire Mode, and many more!

Call of Duty® Mobile – Garena will officially kick-off the new update that will bring you Season 3 (S3) with plenty of new features coming with the latest version update including a new Battle Pass, more iconic maps and exciting game modes for all players to enjoy.

Furthermore, in conjunction with the upcoming Lunar New Year, players can expect a variety of in-game activities to enjoy and earn FREE rewards by logging in to Call of Duty® Mobile – Garena on 25th January 2020.

New Character - Phantom Makes His Debut in S3 Battle Pass
Phantom makes his long-awaited debut in Call of Duty® Mobile – Garena as an exclusive character from the S3 Battle Pass. Originally a tactical suit worn by long-ranged snipers, Phantom is now a playable character that can be immediately unlocked through the S3 Battle Pass.

20v20 Mode Brings Fast-Paced Action to Battle Royale
20v20 mode features two teams of 20 players on opposing sides placed in a compact version of the Battle Royale map, Isolated. Players will respawn upon death until one team becomes the first to secure 150 points by looting weapons scattered around the battlefield.

New Battle Royale Class - Trapmaster and Mystery Crack In The Sky
For the new season, Call of Duty® Mobile – Garena will introduce the 9th Battle Royale class: Trapmaster. By equipping this tactical chip, players can activate a laser trap that slows enemies who pass through while passively increasing the movement speed of allies. Additionally, players who look up to the sky will notice a large crack in the sky that contains a hidden mystery.

Fire Away in Rapid Fire Mode For A Limited Time!
Unlimited ammunition, faster scorestreak, and lower operator skill cooldowns mean players are in for an epic battle against one another in the new Ultra Fire Mode.

Log-In On 25 January For Special Lunar New Year Rewards and In-Game Activities
To celebrate the Lunar New Year, multiple in-game events will be activated from 18 January - 2 February 2020 with special rewards specifically on 25 January 2020 for players that log-in to Call of Duty® Mobile – Garena.
  • 25 January | Login to get Special Ops 3 - Artic (Green character) and play 1 match to get the M16 - Lunar New Year
  • 18 - 27 January | Login daily to get 1 Royal Crimson PDW-57 (1 day) or David "Prophet" Wilkes (1 Day)
  • 18 January - 2 February | Collect fortune knots to exchange for LK24 - Lunar New Year or fortune crates

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena is a First Person Shooter genre game where there are two teams of 5 members fighting each other to win objectives in each game mode. The game, which is the result of a collaboration between Activision and Tencent TiMi Studio, was released by Garena for the Southeast Asian regions including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan. This game is available on iOS and Android, and has been one of the best mobile games since it was released on October 1, 2019. Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena is recently announced to be the Best Mobile Game by The Game Awards 2019.

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