Call of Duty Mobile Phase Out, PlayStation 6 Release Date, Epic Games Penalty, The Last of Us HBO Season 2 and Forspoken

In our recent gaming podcast Filipino gamers discusses about Microsoft wanting to Phaseout Call of Duty Mobile in Favor of Warzone Mobile, The document the speculates the PS6 Release Date, Last of Us HBO Season 2 speculations, Epic Games USD 245 Million penalty, and Finally how can Square Enix turn around after Forspoken.

PlayStation 6

This topic is a bit complex but I know someone here is excited about it, Let's go straight to the point is PlayStation 6 going to be released soon? Let's break down the rumor:
  • According to official Sony documents which are now public
  • Media outlets are concluding that the new PlayStation or PS6 will release in 2027
Is this life cycle short? It’s usually a 10-year cycle . What's this document and why is it important?

So the documents are from competition and markets authority. If im not wrong this is based on the anti-trust issue of Microsoft acquiring Activision more on that later as we will discuss CoD Mobile.

Written on the document at page 8 of 22 documents. It claimed by Sony that Microsoft had 'offered to continue making Activision’s games available on PlayStation only until 2027. So by this logic media outlets are convinced that on 2027 a new PS6 will release. Activision contracts expire = New PlayStation.

Im not convinced by this logic and how is the stock availability of PS5 in the Philippines? Are you going to buy it anytime soon? Knowing a new PS6 could be coming?


Since we are talking about Playstation, is anyone playing or aware of the game Forspoken? To those who don't know forspoken is an action role-playing game by luminous productions. The game is running luminous engine, this engine was used on final fantasy trailers and games.

The game is basically an isekai, what is an isekai with good graphics and with problem known for cringe dialogue and non likable characters. You probably seen memes on this.

If its that bad why are we talking about it, well apparently the sales are so bad that during the financial call of Square enix the game sales are lackluster. To the point that developer is being demolished and merged back to square enix. Seems like SE gave them a chance since they made FFXV and Forspoken. Not sure what happened here seems like Square Enix is releasing flops after flops lately
  • Babylon's Fall
  • Balan Wonder land
  • Marvel Avengers
  • And even the NFT stuff like Symbiogenesis
  • President have to stepdown
What do you think Square Enix can to turn this around?

Epic Games​

Has anyone played Fortnite, Did you buy skins? Where you tricked by the skins? Well just so everyone kows Epic games was being sued by the US government before and now they have finalized it . They have to pay 245 million usd to settle the charges on FTC.

Why are they being sued? Since skins in games are common right?

According to FTC Epic games deployed some dark patterns. As a product designer dark patterns are intentional these are design choices to trick the user into increasing conversion. In this regard, conversion is buying skins for money.

TLDR FTC claims they tricked kids into buying in-game stuff without parent's consent

So far FTC said it's for the kids to protect them from this kind of deceptions. The next point is do want this restrictions or penalties on other games?

Call of Duty Mobile​

Recently Call of Duty mobile players started to panic ,do you know why? Microsft planned on phasing out CoD Mobile in favor of Warzone Mobile. This was announced on March 8

If they phase it out meaning all your in-game items and purchases will be gone, Doubt there will be refunds too.So if you invested time on the game you are screwed.

Why is Microsoft involved though? Microsoft is buying Activision, the whole company. However it's not yet finalized it another issue tbh

Activision stepped forward and reassured worried fans, developers commit future to the game. Activision said it's an important part of the entire Call of Duty franchise and our overall mobile strategy

Smoke in the mirror? Although Activision wants to support the game its not for them to decide especially if they are gonna have new boss. Strategically it doesn't makes sense two mobile cod games at the same time "CoD M vs Cod Mobile Warzone".

My suggestion is to play Cod Mobile Warzone instead even if activation assures this I feel they are just saying this to still maintain their current sales figure until the Microsoft deal is approved.

Last of Us HBO​

Now let's talk about last of us hbo show, what do you think of it, Is it close to the game? FYI I haven't watch it maybe this week so what are your complaints?

I'm asking because there are some complaints like the show doesn't have enough infected. Basically a zombie show with zombies. Like the first Godzilla movie where Godzilla is hiding.

What to expect on Season 2? Will they recast Bella Ramsey? You know the last of us 2 games has so much hate? Actually, Neil Druckman is already preparing for backlash saying he doesn't care. To those who don't know he's the writer and executive producer.

This might be good news though because according to the showrunner. Sometimes it will be different radically and sometimes it will be barely different at all Personally, the problem with the last of us 2 is the focu. I wish they fix that in season 2 If not the internet will make you feel how bad this is.


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