Call Of Duty: Mobile Recently Launches A New Public Test Build: New Class, Map and Clan Wars Revealed

On April 30, 2021, Activision launched a new public test build for the upcoming Season 4 of Call of Duty: Mobile which will contain a lot of new content including a new class for battle royale mode, a new multiplayer map, and the introduction of Clan Wars.


A lot of new additions to game is revealed in the recently released public test version for the upcoming COD: Mobile Season 4. Two of the most interesting additions include a new class for battle royale mode called "Time Traveler" and a new multiplayer map called "Dome." Let's get more into details of these two new contents.

New Battle Royale Class​


Great news await all battle royale players as a new BR class called "Time Traveler" is coming into the game. Every battle royale class is unique and useful for different players with different strategies, and Time Traveler will be no different. As of now, the new class does not have any abilities or skill descriptions and is not available for use. However, it is expected that it will be related to either in-game travel time, recharge time, reload time, or time portals.

There are also speculations going around about the real function of the Time Traveler class. It might focus more on the tactical aspects of the Operator's in-game movement instead of putting time portals in the game as predicted by some fans. The new class is expected to have a territorial effect which increases the movement speed and skill recharge speed of nearby allies.


The Time Traveler class will also feature the Glitch equipment. But just like the class itself, the function of this equipment has not been revealed yet. Although there is no official confirmation yet, the new class might be introduced through an in-game event for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 and is expected to be available for use by then.

Popular YouTuber "ParkerTheSlayer," also revealed his thoughts and opinions about the upcoming BR class in his YouTube channel. Check out his video below!

These "leaks" and speculations are still not 100% accurate so players and fans have to wait for an official announcement before getting hyped up. Nonetheless, we can expect an update regarding new content and details some time in the future.

New Multiplayer Map​

Together with the new battle royale class, the public test version for COD: Mobile's upcoming Season 4 will feature the addition of a new multiplayer map called "Dome." It is based on one of the maps from the iconic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise. The new map will only be available in Domination mode and still remains to be seen if the map will playable for other game modes in the future.


Introduction of Clan Wars and other content​

There is a new feature revealed in the public test version for the upcoming COD: Mobile Season 4 called "Clan Wars." It has been one of the most highly requested feature in the game and will finally be arriving to the regular servers of the game. Several balance changes will also be implemented for some weapons, as well as some nerfs on multiple operator skills in battle royale mode.

Upcoming contents for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 are slowly coming to light. However, Activision noted that these contents are still not final and are subjected to change in future updates. Nonetheless, players will see more upcoming content in the next update of the public test build.

“As per usual, everything you see in the build may not be final, maybe buggy, may have placeholder art or text, or may not be released in the next update.”
-Activision stated in their community update in Reddit.

Call of Duty: Mobile is available for download on both Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.