Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass - All Characters and Gun Skins Unveiled

The excitement for the most recent Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 Siren Song Battle Pass is building to a fever pitch with its thrilling new character skins and meticulously designed weapon blueprints. Let's take a look at the revealed cast of characters and weapon skins that will be included with the battle pass.


Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass Rewards​

Character Skins​

A variety of engaging character skins are available in the Season 11 Siren Song Battle Pass, which should improve the in-game experience. The mysterious 'Chemical Santa,' an epic Clerk character skin with a wintry charm and intriguing nuances, stands out among these. On the other hand, gamers' views to the new 'Lurk' character skin, which has an intriguing yet polarizing appearance, continue to be mixed.

Curiosity in upcoming R and R skins is sparked by the debut of the first-ever Roland operator in COD Mobile, represented by the 'Roland' character skin decked out in the 'Vendor Blood' suit from Vanguard. In addition, some players are not convinced by the colorful "Alex Sweater Weather" character skin, despite its visually pleasing armor.

The addition of 'Soap,' who dons the 'Buzzard King' attire, completes the cast of characters. While not widely applauded, this character adds diversity to the Season 11 Battle Pass cast.

Weapon Skins​

A number of weapon blueprints that enhance the Season 11 Battle Pass's complexity and style are included with the assortment of character skins. Of them, the 'Chemical Burn' skin for the PP19 Bison stands out as it has a good color scheme and modification, but some gamers are not like of the fact that it doesn't have a modified iron sight. Players have differing opinions about the 'Final Gift' blueprint for the Grau Assault rifle because of its unique appearance and eye-catching color scheme, which are further emphasized by a slightly modified iron sight.

The 'Ice Leopard' skin for the M4 comes with altered attachments and accents of orange and gray. Players have mixed feelings about the plan because of its poor iron sight, even with its visual beauty. Also, although the 'Rafina Special X1' skin for the BY15 has fine detailing, its overall appeal is considerably diminished by the lack of a modified iron sight. Last but not least, the 'Elemental Aggression' skin for the RPD, despite its cold style, is not a favorite among gamers because of an average iron sight.

Though character and weapon skins are the main emphasis of this breakdown, it's crucial to remember that the Season 11 Siren Song Battle Pass is expected to include extra goodies such as frames, calling cards, bags, emotes, and avatars. But the details of these incentives are still a mystery, which is making the CODM community even more excited.