Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 Approaches: New Map and Weapons Teaser

Season 2 of Call of Duty Mobile is incoming, now with juicy updates about a new map and weapon addition.


Activision and TiMi Studios have already started dropping several teasers for Call of Duty Mobile Season 2. As Season 1 of CoD mobile nears its end, the developers are starting to hype up fans and players with what's about to come this next season.

The official CoD Mobile twitter account revealed on February 22 that the AS Val will be added into the game. It is a Russian rifle with an integrated suppressor, designed for stealth but with big stopping power and was first seen on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019.

Similar to their AS Val reveal, the official CoD Mobile twitter account revealed another marksman rifle which will be introduced to CoD Mobile Season 2. The SP-R208, which was previously seen in warzone, is a popular weapon because of its power and reload speed. It also has a faster bolt action than most rifles in the game. A lot of fans also identified this as the R700 bolt-action sniper rifle from Modern Warfare 4.

Confirmations about a new map has also been dropped. Shoot House, a map from Modern Warfare, is designed for MP gaming and faster action. A literal kill house. Although it is a small map, it is designed for intensive play and will provide plenty of fun options for players. Details about the map layout will be seen on the full blog published by Activision.


Also, Activision revealed on March 5 via CoD Mobile official twitter account that Shipment, another Modern Warfare map, will be in transit to join the upcoming season. It will come with a bit of changes and is expected to temporarily replace the Shipment 1944 map. It pretty much has the same layout, but instead of angled open containers at the top and bottom, these open containers will be made straight where players can shoot right through them. The classic Nuketown map has also been confirmed to return to the game, although it is still unclear when this will happen.


Activision has not confirmed an official release date for Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 yet, but it is expected to kick off on March 11, with Season 1 wrapping up on March 10. Players and fans won't have to wait very much longer to explore the new maps and try out the additional weapons for themselves.

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