Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 is now live! Zombies are here!

The much awaited season 2 patch for the already popular Call of Duty Mobile game is now online! A lot of things have been added including the zombies that a lot of people are raving about and controller support! New maps and are are also included so check it out!! Below are the complete changes that are included in the patch that is based on their reddit announcement!

Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile community, week after week we’ve been talking about many different upcoming features, changes, and pieces of content being worked on by our teams and today we get to show you the fruit of that labor.

Today we are releasing the Season 2 Update for Call of Duty: Mobile! This update is live now in all regions and to update just search for Call of Duty: Mobile on the Android or Apple storefront.

We are going to go outside of the normal format this Community Update to focus more on the update, the content inside of it, and then the update notes. You all have been asking for many of these features or new pieces of content and we are thrilled to be sharing it with you all in detail! Let’s get to it!

Call of Duty: Mobile - Zombies Mode The horde is here and ready challenge you and three friends in this new zombies experience brought to Call of Duty: Mobile! Here is a quick look at the zombies and its two modes:

Raid Mode - Venture out into the classic Call of Duty: World War at War zombies’ map Shi No Numa and explore as much as you can with your teammates while preparing for the final battle.
  • Traditional points-based system with wall buys for weapons and locked doors
  • Boarding windows and killing zombies are the two primary ways of earning points
  • Round based with an 8-round limit for Normal difficulty
  • Round based with a 12-round limit for Hardcore difficulty
  • On the 8/12th rounds all players are sent to fight for their lives against the Abomination (boss)
  • Earn new zombies exclusive loot each time you play (check in-game for specifics)
  • Explore above and below ground to find clues about the reason the lab was abandoned

Endless Survival Mode - Participate in this traditional zombies mode where it is all up to you determine how long you can survive against the undead hordes. This is your classic endless wave-based mode with all the features listed above for Raid Mode minus the boss fight. Compete against your friends and the general community to last the longest on the zombies mode leaderboards.

For both modes, make sure to seek out and collect those unique weapons that will give you perks specific to that mode. However, these weapons may not all be found on wall-buys, so if you cannot find a weapon turn to the mystery box.

Additional notes from the Call of Duty Blog

The Return of Shi No Numa

Deep within a sweltering jungle in Japan, the Rising Sun Facility houses a dark secret.

Run by Group 935 and Division 9, this collection of huts looks as if it was just another remote village in the middle of nowhere… Until a distinct growl from creatures of rotting flesh is heard.

It seems that this swamp is another location used for nefarious experiments, and you are right in the middle of a dangerous trap.

This is the swamp of death – Shi No Numa, adapted for Mobile.

Originally a downloadable map in the Zombies mode within Call of Duty®: World at War, Shi No Numa returns in Call of Duty: Mobile. For those who have yet to experience a game of zombies in the Call of Duty universe, here’s a quick primer:
  • A session of zombies can be played alone or with up to three other players.
  • You and your teammates will begin a game with only a pistol and a knife. These will be used to protect you against the hordes of undead creatures.
  • After taking damage, your character will regenerate health if they do not take any more damage for five seconds.
  • The roaming undead can appear through windows, which can be boarded up to hinder their progress. Standing near a window will board it up automatically.
  • Boarding windows and killing zombies are the two primary ways of earning points. These points can be used to…
Open new areas.

Purchase wall weapons which are chalk outlines on certain walls around the map. Once you have one of these weapons, more ammo can be purchased at the same chalk outline for that weapon.

Purchase weapons from the Mystery Box. The box can be found randomly around the map and is marked by a pillar of light. The Mystery Box gives players a weapon or equipment at random. After it is used a certain number of times, it disappears and reappears in a different area.

Purchase Perk-a-Colas (passive benefits) from Perk Machines.

Purchase Buffs (upgradable benefits) from the Enhancement Device. This is a new feature within Call of Duty: Mobile zombies – some example buffs are Critical Hit (boosts damage) and Rapid Reload (quicker reloads when reloading from an empty mag).

Purchase a Coin (active skill) from Coin Dispensers. These are powerful abilities that can turn the tide of a round.

Use traps to kill zombies.

Controller Support
- Every week you’ve been asking for it and now it is here, controller support! Here is the basic overview:

How It Works
  • DUALSHOCK4 PlayStation 4 and official Xbox One controllers are supported
  • 1st gen versions of those official PS4 controllers are not supported
  • Controllers will only work in matches and not in menus.
  • You should enable controller settings in-game before syncing your wireless controller
  • Players will only be matched with other players who are using controllers
  • However, if you are in a party and one your party member uses a controller then the whole party will be matched with other players using controllers.
For more details, like how to setup a controller or to see what kind of control options you’ll have then head in-game to the Help Section (the Question Mark to the left of your Inbox) and Controllers and Emulators.

Additional Login Options - While we still have additional options coming for this and new ways to link your account or login, we do have two new ways to login with this update: Google Play & Game Center

When using a Guest account you will now have the option to link that guest account to your Google Play or Game Center account. That will allow you to save, protect, and sync your data to those accounts. However, unlike Facebook or Line this does not pull any information over, like your profile picture.

Warning, you will not be able to switch from a previous account to one of these new login options without losing your player data, but all players may now utilize these options to initially setup and link your account.

- New maps, new modes, new content, and plenty of fixes and changes. For those you are seeking new ways to interact with your clan and receive rewards for doing so you’ll now be able to participate in daily clan missions. This comes alongside a new clan weekly and season ranking system.

If you’ve been yearning for new maps to master then look no further, we have a limited time winter themed version of Raid coming this season alongside our featured map from this update: Summit.

Battle Royale - Multiplayer isn’t the only mode getting plenty of love in this update, but you’ll now find new areas of the map to explore alongside a winter themed update.

For those of you who are looking to truly explore make sure to look for changes & additions beyond just snowy areas with new weapon to acquire, the M16, and new events to encounter. Other players aren’t all there is to find roaming the snowy hills and streets of Isolated.

Call of Duty: Mobile 2.0 Update Notes

Season 2 Update is Live! The new season runs from 11.25.2019 to 1.15.2020

- New winter themed rewards for ranked Multiplayer and Battle Royale!
- New Premium and Free Battle Pass Rewards!
  • New Characters and themed content
- Ranked Improvements
  • Season 1 rank will not be reset, and will influence starting rank in Season 2
  • Scoring experience has been balanced at higher ranks
  • Optimized ranked matchmaking to reduce wait times
  • Banned players will be removed from leaderboards
  • Improved scoring issues in rare cases
Controller Support available!
  • For players using DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controllers on certain versions Android devices there is currently an issue with certain features or the controller itself not functioning. We are investigating these issues. Please keep an eye out for updates.
  • Generation 2 and later wireless Playstation 4 and Xbox controllers are now supported in matches
  • Controller support is currently unavailable in lobby, store and loadout
Zombie mode is here! The long-awaited zombie mode is now live with two different modes
  • Play classic Survival or objective driven Raid mode on the Shi No Numa map
  • Find the Easter Eggs to explore additional content
  • Unlock new zombies unique content

New Limited Time Modes

o One Shot, One Kill
  • First to 20 kills with a J358 Revolver wins!
o Sticks and Stones
  • Mix of melee, Molotovs and limited Operator Skills in this new mode. First to 20 kills wins
o Prop Hunt
  • Become either the hunter or hunted in this popular Call of Duty mode
New Map: Summit
  • Battle it out in this high altitude location from the Black Ops universe
  • Available for TDM, Domination, Search and Destroy and Frontline
  • Limited time holiday themed Raid map
  • New Operator Skill and Scorestreak coming soon
Battle Royale

New map areas
  • Circus themed area
  • Snowy areas
Map improvements
  • Expanded the underground area of the bus station
New Limited Time Battle Royale Mode

Sniper Rifle Challenge
  • Become the last one standing while using a sniper rifle only
New weapon
  • M16 rifle that fires 5.56mm ammo
New Battle Royale Class coming soon!
Battle Royale holiday events coming soon!

Social Features
  • Daily Clan missions
    • Earn credits by completing clan missions
  • New Weekly and Season clan ranking system
  • New experience bonus for playing with your friends

Improvements and Optimizations

Ranked Mode

- Season 1 rank will not be reset, and will influence starting rank in Season 2
- Scoring experience has been balanced at higher ranks
- Optimized ranked matchmaking to reduce wait times
- Banned players will be removed from leaderboards
- Improved scoring calculations for rare circumstances


- Optimized the bullet penetration of certain walls in some MP maps
- Optimized the mantling of various objects in MP
- Improved natural lighting on MP maps
- Added firing during hip fire to ADS transition
- Added fixed joystick option in settings
- Added a firing turn function in setting
- Optimize the firing responsiveness in Multiplayer and Battle Royale
- Slightly increased the charge up time of Sparrow operator skill
- Slightly increased firing rate of LK24
- Slightly increased Chicom damage, while reduced damage effectiveness at longer distances
- Slightly increased range of the HG 40 while reducing damage effectiveness at longer distances
- Slightly increased damage of W1200 and M1887 shotguns
- Slightly increased vertical recoil of Arctic .50 and extended the aiming time
- Slightly increased the distance of DLQ33
- Slightly increased recoil of UL736 and M4LMG
- Slightly reduced the lethality of AKS74U at medium and long ranges and slightly increased recoil
- Slightly increased recoil of AK117
- Slightly reduced forward movement speed
- Optic attachments will slightly affect ADS speed
- Optimized recoil animations while in hip fire and ADS
- Optimized reloading animation to sync with ammo increase
- Improved bullet hit detection
- Improved melee hit detection
- Improved weapon firing control
- Improved the firing sounds for all weapons
- Optimized the equipment throwing and trajectory indicator
- Optimized quick throw function in settings
- Added kill confirmation sound
- Added a marking system to multiplayer

Battle Royale

- Slightly reduced damage taken when outside the safe zone
- Improved the logic of safe zone spawn
- Improved the information displayed on mini map
- Optimized recoil performance for lower frame rates
- Improved accuracy of directional sounds of footsteps and weapons
- Optimized the pursuit performance of FHJ for airdrop aircraft.
- Optimized timing of thermal sights
- Slightly increased Chicom damage, while reduced damage effectiveness at longer distances
- Significantly increased the damage of gas bombs on Zombies
- Slightly reduced the number of vehicle spawns
- Improved control of certain vehicles
- Optimized loading of vehicle assets
- Added vehicle health indicator for driver
- Improved logic of air drop location
- Reduced health of Zombie summoned by Toy Bomb
- Slightly reduced slowdown effect of EMP Drone
- Resolved issue with EMP Drone colliding with obstacles
- Improved camera behavior for improved overall performance
- Improved movement while using stairs
- Improved movement while climbing through windows

System and Client

- Improved battery usage and temperature
- Improved performance on minimum spec devices
- Improved “Play Again” functionality
- Improved game descriptions in mode selection
- Added support for displaying HD images for avatars
- Support for adding friends from profile information screen
- Improved display information of players in matches
- Various bug fixes