Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 2024 Leaks: New Weapons, Weapon Skins, Legendary Operators, and More

Leaks for the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile season 3 revealed new weapons, gun skins, legendary operators, battle pass rewards, and more exciting details.

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The CoD: Mobile season 3 English version is titled “Vintage Vigilance,” which promises a war detective experience on the battlefield.

According to leaks, the Tech 9 SMG from Black Ops Cold War is expected to be introduced in CoD: Mobile season 3 and is set to receive a legendary version in the Lucky Draw.

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The MG42 LMG of Call of Duty Vanguard is also coming to CoD: Mobile, but it will be in the season 4 update. It comes with a mythic blueprint called “A Debris.”.

If the Tech 9 SMG is officially released, an epic Tech 9 blueprint is guaranteed in the Tier 50 of the season 3 Battle Pass. Also, players may anticipate a new ghost operator skin or a mace character in the Battle Pass.

A legendary Dame operator will be debuting this coming season 3 and is expected to be available with a legendary variant. The lucky draw might also feature the legendary Kilo Bolt Action blueprint or a legendary Shorty Shotgun blueprint.

Leakers have also found some legendary blueprints for various weapons, but they are still unsure.

Additionally, Season 3 will bring a few enhancements to the multiplayer mode, including the continuation of the Havoc Operator Skill. Also, there is a chance of a Lucky Draw gifting feature that will allow players to gift legendary or mythic lucky draws to their in-game friends.

Season 3 of CoD: Mobile is scheduled to roll out on March 14, 2024, so watch out for more exciting news for this season.

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