Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Tokyo Escape New Weapons and Maps

The season 3 of Call of Duty: Mobile will be launching later this week. This season has a Japanese theme to it and is called Tokyo Escape.



This season is expected to have two new weapons, maps, and more. The weapons aren't officially revealed yet and were only teased, but it seems that it is a PP19 Bizon and Renetti from Modern Warfare.


As the pistol is one of the things that is being looked forward to by the players as it seems like the Renetti from Modern Warfare, let's look a bit deeper on why it is like that. In Modern Warfare, the Renetti is so strong that it can take down close-range enemies with just three bullets. If it's long-range, it needs to be two headshots or four body shots to get the kill. The Renetti has a magazine size of 15 bullets and was upgradable up to 27 bullets in Modern Warfare using the attachments in the Gunsmith.


Other than the weapons, the maps are also something players are looking forward to in the Tokyo Escape, especially the map called Coastal since it would be an exclusive of CoD: Mobile. Coastal is a large map that comprises wide roads and open areas. It favors long-range gunfights and this also gives the chance for snipers to hone their skills. The other map is a remake of Modern Warfare 3 called Oasis.


The weapons could be unlocked through the battle pass or a seasonal challenge. The Season 3 is expected to begin on April 17. Let's all have fun when Tokyo Escape releases and see y'all online.