Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Warrior’s Path featured event

Season three's featured event for Call of Duty: Mobile has begun. The Warrior's Path event requires players to select a side and win regions in order to gain access to a variety of thrilling prizes.

You must pick between the UAC and the Five Knights when you open this event's page in CODM. In the Warrior's Path case, this will be your hand. Both factions win different prizes, so it's necessary to look into them before entering one.


When you choose a hand, you'll see a map of 15 different territories. The purpose of this event is for your party to invade as many territories as possible. Per day, only one territory will be available for competition. Each territory will have a separate mission that must be completed in order for players to gain points. The group with the most points at the end of 24 hours will win the territory.

Players can get eight epic rewards, one Legendary calling card, rare weapon camos, characters, and more through the event.

Players who are a part of the UAC will get weapon skins from the Coalition series, the Epic Man-O-War - UAC Blueprint, and the UAC charm. Members of the Five Knights faction, on the other hand, will get the skins from the Knighted series, Man-O-War - Five Knights blueprint, and the Five Knights charm.


Besides these, there will be a global leaderboard tracking the points that different players have collected. The top players from here will get the Legendary Calling Card - Forces of Good and Evil and the Chicom - Demon Fury Blueprint. Several weapons from the Side Scale series and the Forces frame are also up for grabs.

Here are the key details regarding Warrior’s Path:
  • Join either the UAC or White Knights
  • There are 15 territories for the factions to compete for
  • Only one territory is available to fight for every 24 hours
  • Complete set tasks to earn points for your faction to claim a territory each day
  • Earn many different rewards for doing so


Here are some official tips from the Warrior’s path blog post:
  1. Eyes on the Prize. Check-in regularly to see the status of the currently open territory or for the tasks related to a new one. Contribute often to earn both personal and faction points and you’ll be well on your way toward unlocking the next reward.
  2. Boost Your Score. Equip the Porcelain Yakuza weapon set the moment you get your hands on it by unlocking via the Blade & Blossom Draw. You’ll earn more score for completing battles and if you haven’t already maxed out the weapon, it’s a great way to unlock more attachments.
  3. The Final Push. Don’t get complacent just because your side is ahead in the fight for the current territory. Log in toward the end of the territory’s 24-hour period to earn as high a score as possible before the final tally.
  4. Group Up. Friends that play together earn rewards together. Bring some friends into the fight and group up to complete tasks together, greatly increasing the faction points you’ll bring in match after match.
  5. Stack ’Em. The tasks you’ll encounter will take you across Multiplayer and Battle Royale, testing your skills through a variety of challenges. When checking your task for the current territory, look for any other challenge steps within the Events menu that you can work on simultaneously. Good luck.”